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Durham University

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)


The list below shows Durham University research staff who are members of IMEMS. Click the member's name to see a more detailed biography and department.

We also welcome anyone from outside the University with an interest in our work to join. Membership is free of charge. You will receive invitations to our programme of events, with a weekly emails digest about what is happening in the Insitute and further afield. To join IMEMS contact:

Professor Daniel Newman, PhD London

Personal web page

Contact Professor Daniel Newman (email at

Indicators of Esteem

  • 2014: Visiting Professor, UCLA (March-September):
  • 2009: co-recipient of World Award of the President of the Republic of Tunisia for Islamic Studies:
  • AHRC Peer Review College member (2009-2012):
  • Member of Council, British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (2009-2012):
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the University Council of Modern Languages (UCML) [2008-12]:

Research Interests

  • Arabic diachronic linguistics
  • Arabic geographical and travel literature (with special focus on Arab travellers to Europe)
  • Erotology and sexuality in the mediaeval Muslim world
  • History of Translation
  • The Tunisian and Egyptian Nahda movements

Teaching Areas

  • Arabic-English Business&Technical Translation (MA in Arabic-English and Interpreting Translation)

  • Arabic-English Interpreting (MA in Arabic-English Translation and Interpreting)

  • Arabic-English Legal Translation (MA in Arabic-English Translation and Interpreting)

  • Contrastive Linguistics (MA in Arabic-English Translation and Interpreting)

  • Literature of the 19th Century Arabic 'Nahda' (Year 4)

  • Arabic Literature (Year 2)
  • Arabic-English General Translation Practica (MA in Arabic-English Translation and Interpreting)
  • Arabic-English translation (Year 4)
  • Specialised translation (Year 4)
  • Translation Theory (Year 4)

Selected Publications

Authored book

Book review

Chapter in book

  • Newman, Daniel (2018). Arabic Travel Writing. In The Cambridge History of Travel Writing. Nandini, Das & Youngs, Tim Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 143-158.
  • Newman, Daniel (2018). Wandering Nights: Shahrazād’s Mutations. In The Life of Texts: Evidence in Textual Production, Transmission and Reception. Caruso, Carlo London: Bloomsbury. 62-92.
  • Newman, Daniel (2017). 'Hell for horses, paradise for women': power and identity in 19th-century North African Travel Literature. In Travel, Agency, and the Circulation of Knowledge. Mackenthun, Gesa, Nicolas, Andrea & Wodianka, Stephanie Waxmann. 183-200.
  • Newman, Daniel L. (2015). Rifa'a al-Tahtawi. In Encyclopedia of Islam and The Muslim World. Martin, Richard C., Afsaruddin, Asma & Varisco, Daniel M. Macmillan. 1178-1179.
  • Newman, Daniel L. (2015). Translation Activity and Academies, Pre-modern Period. In Encyclopedia of Islam and The Muslim World. Martin, Richard C., Afsaruddin, Asma & Varisco, Daniel M. Macmillan. 1171-1175.
  • Newman, Daniel L. (2015). Translation Activity, Modern Period (19th c.). In Encyclopedia of Islam and The Muslim World. Martin, Richard C., Afsaruddin, Asma & Varisco, Daniel M. Macmillan. 1175-1183.
  • Newman, Daniel. (2013). The Arabic Literary Language: the Nahda (and beyond). In The Oxford Handbook of Arabic Linguistics. Jonathan Owens Oxford University Press. 472-494.
  • Newman, Daniel (2008). Myths and signs of alienation between 19th-century rihlat and Europe. In Sensibilities of the Islamic Mediterranean: Self expression in a Muslim Culture from post-classical times to the present day. Ostle, Robin London: I.B. Tauris. 85-102.
  • Newman, Daniel. (2005). Contrastive Analysis of the Segments of French and Arabic. In Investigating Arabic: Current Parameters in Analysis and Learning. Elgibali, A. Leiden: Brill. 42: 185-206.

Conference Paper

Conference Proceeding

Journal Article

Translated Book

  • Newman, Daniel (trans.) (Forthcoming). Sensual Delights of the Heart: A Tale of Mediaeval Arab Erotica . Saqi Books

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Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Foreign Literature & Language: Arabic Language and Literature
  • Language, Literature & the Arts: Arab media
  • Politics & Society: Alterist Discourse: the West and the Arab World
  • Middle eastern and Islamic studies: Alterist Discourse: the West and the Arab World

Selected Grants

  • 2010: Leverhulme Research Fellowship (£44,507) for 12 months to conduct research on "Rifa'a al-Tahtawi and the Politics of Language".
  • 2008: British Academy Overseas Conference grant
  • 2007: British Academy research grant (£7,500) for fieldwork relating to pharyngealisation in the Arabic dialects of Egypt, Tunisia and Oman