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Durham University

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)


The list below shows Durham University research staff who are members of IMEMS. Click the member's name to see a more detailed biography and department.

We also welcome anyone from outside the University with an interest in our work to join. Membership is free of charge. You will receive invitations to our programme of events, with a weekly emails digest about what is happening in the Insitute and further afield. To join IMEMS contact:

Dr Francesco Venturi

Contact Dr Francesco Venturi (email at

Francesco Venturi is Associate Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Oslo and retains his connection with Durham University as an Honorary Fellow. From 2014 to 2016 he was an International Postdoctoral Fellow (Marie Curie Cofund) and part-time lecturer within the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham. He previously worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Pavia within two projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (PRIN and FIRB, 2012-14). In 2017 he was a member of the AHRC-funded project 'Petrarch Commentary and Exegesis in the Italian Renaissance, c. 1350 - c. 1650', which brings together a team of scholars from the Universities of Oxford, Leeds and Manchester. 

At Durham, Francesco taught on various courses, including the first-year module 'Introduction to Italian Literary Culture and Theory' (2015-16), the second-year module 'Narratives of Fascist and Post-War Italy' (2016) and the fourth-year module 'The Italian Renaissance in Literature and Art' (2014-15), as well as guest lecturing for the module 'The World of Dante' (2016). In 2016 he organised the international conference 'Self-Commentary in Early Modern European Literature' (Durham, Palace Green, 26-27 February). An edited volume on the same topic is forthcoming with Brill and gathers fifteen contributions by established scholars and experts in the fields of English, French, Italian, Neo-Latin, Spanish, Dutch and Polish literature.

Research Interests

  • Renaissance literature and culture
  • Modern and contemporary literature
  • Petrarchism and anti-petrarchism
  • 20th-century Italian poetry and prose
  • Digital humanities
  • Commentary tradition, self-exegesis
  • Textual criticism, editing
  • Archives, unpublished texts
  • Carlo Emilio Gadda, Andrea Zanzotto


Authored book

  • (Forthcoming). Annibal Caro, Rime, critical and commented edition. Milan: Mimesis.
  • (2016). Genesi e storia della 'trilogia' di Andrea Zanzotto. Pisa: ETS.

Chapter in book

  • Venturi, F. (2015). Tracce e figurazioni dantesche nella 'pseudo-trilogia' di Andrea Zanzotto. In La funzione Dante e i paradigmi della modernità. Merola, N. Pisa: ETS. 631-638.
  • Venturi, F. (2014). Nel Fondo Roscioni: sinopie, indici, piani di lavoro. In Meraviglie di Gadda. Seminario di studi sulle carte dello scrittore. Marchi, M. & Vela, C. Pisa, Pacini. 47-72.
  • Venturi, F. (2012). 'La perduta aristocrazia del rinchiuso'. Riflessioni sulla città in Arturo Loria. In La città e l’esperienza del moderno. Barenghi, M., Langella, G. & Turchetta, G. Pisa, ETS, vol. 2. 485-493.
  • Venturi, F. (2011). Una lirica inedita dai materiali del 'Galateo in Bosco' e di 'Fosfeni'. In I novanta di Zanzotto: studi, incontri, lettere, immagini. Zanzotto, Andrea Novara: Interlinea. 46: 151-155.
  • Venturi, F. (2010). 'E chi non sa l’inferno… di quell’impiccio petrarchesco'? Leopardi e Caro poeta. In Leopardi e il ’500. Italia, P. Pisa, Pacini. 145-155.
  • Venturi, F. (2008). Tra i materiali genetici del 'Galateo in Bosco'. In Andrea Zanzotto: un poeta nel tempo. Carbognin, F. Bologna, Aspasia. 163-181.

Edited book

  • Venturi, F. (Forthcoming). Carlo Emilio Gadda, Racconti inediti e incompiuti. Milan, Adelphi.
  • (Forthcoming). Self-Commentary in Early Modern European Literature. Leiden-Boston: Brill.

Edited Sources, Research Data Sets, and Databases

  • (2014). Census and philological analysis of Carlo Emilio Gadda's manuscripts.

Journal Article

  • Venturi, F. (2015). Per il testo delle `Rime` di Annibal Caro. Filologia italiana 11 (2014): 155-194.
  • Bignamini, M. & Venturi, F. (2014). Bibliografia della critica gaddiana 2007-2009 (con recuperi per il 2006), 2010 (con recuperi per il 2007-2009), 2011 (con recuperi per il 2006-2010), 2012 (con recuperi per il 2007-2011), 2013 (con recuperi per il 2010-2012). I Quaderni dell`Ingegnere. Testi e studi gaddiani New Series, 1-5 (2010-2015): 275-301, 319-328, 241-252, 351-361, 325-337.
  • (2014). L`Ingegnere e il Conte. Per qualche traccia del rapporto Gadda-Landolfi. I Quaderni dell`Ingegnere. Testi e studi gaddiani New Series, 5: 255-263.
  • Venturi, F. (2013). 'L’infinito' di Leopardi e il sonetto 'Solo, fra i mesti miei pensieri, in riva' di Alfieri. Esperienze letterarie 38: 117-124.
  • Venturi, F. (2013). Alle origini della 'trilogia' di Andrea Zanzotto. Il progetto 'lógos erchómenos' e 'Fosfeni'. Strumenti critici XXXVIII, 132, May-August : 197-212.
  • Venturi, F. (2013). C.E. Gadda, Lettere a Leone Traverso (1939-1953). I Quaderni dell'Ingegnere. Testi e studi gaddiani New Series, 4: 113-146.
  • Venturi, F. (2011). Bernardino Baldi e la tradizione dell`egloga nel Cinquecento. Giornale storico della letteratura italiana CLXXXVIII, 622: 249-258.
  • Venturi, F. (2011). Dinamismi e assetti avantestuali attraverso gli autografi della 'pseudo-trilogia’. Autografo (I novanta di Zanzotto. Studi, lettere, incontri, immagini) New Series, XIX, 46: 67-88.
  • Martignoni, C., Merlini, S., Stella, A., Tissoni, F. & Venturi, F. (2010). Come informatizzare il Novecento letterario (Progetto Firb: Archivi letterari del Novecento italiano, Aleni). La Modernità letteraria 3: 59-84.
  • Venturi, F. (2010). Lettura di `Conglomerati` di Andrea Zanzotto. Otto/Novecento XXXIV, 3: 199-204.

Selected Grants

  • 2017: Three-year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, AHRC-funded project 'Petrarch Commentary and Exegesis in the Italian Renaissance, c. 1350 - c. 1650' (Universities of Oxford, Leeds and Manchester)
  • 2014: Marie Curie Cofund Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Durham University
  • 2013: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, FIRB, project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
  • 2012: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, PRIN, project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
  • 2008: Three-year full-time PhD scholarship, University of Siena