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Professor Andy Wood - all publications

Authored book

  • Wood, Andrew (2020). Faith, Hope and Charity: English neighbourhoods, 1500-1640. Cambridge University Press.
  • Wood, Andy (2013). The memory of the people: custom and popular senses of the past in early modern England. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Wood, Andy (2007). The 1549 rebellions and the making of early modern England. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge and New York.
  • Wood, Andy (2002). Riot, rebellion and popular politics in early modern England. Palgrave: Basingstoke and New York.
  • Wood, Andy (1999). The politics of social conflict: the Peak Country, 1520-1770. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge and New York.

Book review

Chapter in book

  • Wood, A. (2018). Afterword: landscapes, memories and texts. In Remembering protest in Britain since 1500: memory, materiality and the landscape since 1500. Griffin, C. & McDonagh, B. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. 237-244.
  • Wood, A. (2017). Brave minds and hard hands: work, drama and social relations in the hungry 1590s. In Shakespeare and the politics of commoners: digesting the new social history. Fitter, C. Oxford: Oxford Unversity Press. 84-103.
  • Wood, A. (2017). Coda: History, time and social memory. In A social history of England, 1500–1750. Wrightson, Keith Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 373-391.
  • Wood, Andy (2017). Five swans over Littleport: fenland folklore and popular memory, c. 1810-1978. In History after Hobsbawm: Writing the Past for the Twenty-First Century. Arnold, John H., Hilton, Matthew & Rüger, Jan Oxford: Oxford University Press. 225-241.
  • Wood, A. (2017). Spectral lordship, popular memory and the boggart of Towneley Hall. In Popular culture and political agency in early modern England and Ireland. Braddick, M. & Withington, P. Woodbridge: Boydell Press. 109-122.
  • Wood, A. (2016). Afterword: Small places, big questions: reintegrating social and economic history, c.1350-1750. In Custom and commercialisation in English rural society: revisiting Tawney and Postan. Bowen, J.P. & Brown, A.T. Hertfordshire: Hertfordshire University Press. 250-266.
  • Wood, Andy (2013). Deference, paternalism and popular memory in early modern England. In Remaking English society: social relations and social change in early modern England. Hindle, S., Shepard, A. & Walter, J. Woodbridge: Boydell Press. 233-253.
  • Wood, Andy (2013). The loss of Athelstan’s gift: the politics of popular memory in Malmesbury, 1607-1633. In Landlords and tenants in Britain, 1440-1660: Tawney’s Agrarian Problem Revisited. Whittle, J. Woodbridge: Boydell Press. 85-99.
  • Wood, Andy (2010). ‘The pedlar of Swaffham, the fenland giant and the Sardinian communist: usable pasts and the politics of folklore in England, c.1600-1830’. In Locating agency: space, power and popular politics. Williamson, F. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press. 161-92.
  • Wood, Andy (2007). ‘Collective violence, social drama and rituals of rebellion in late medieval and early modern England’. In Cultures of violence: interpersonal violence in historical perspective. Carroll, S. Palgrave: Basingstoke. 99-116.
  • Wood, Andy (2007). ‘The Queen is “a goggyll-eyed hoore” gender and seditious speech in early modern England’. In The English revolution, c. 1590-1720: politics, religion and communities. Tyacke, N. Manchester University Press: Manchester. 81-94.
  • Wood, Andy (2004). Kett’s rebellion. In Medieval Norwich. Rawcliffe, C. & Wilson, R. London: Hambledon and London. 277-300.
  • Wood, Andy & Arnold, John (2003). ‘“What’s past is prologue” politics, ideology and the burden of history in the Fall Revolution Quartet’. In The True Knowledge. Butler, A.M. & Mendelsohn, F. Science Fiction Foundation: Reading. 29-46.
  • Wood, Andy (2001). “Poore men woll speke one daye” plebeian languages of deference and defiance in England, c.1520-1640’. In The politics of the excluded in England, 1500-1850. Harris, T. Palgrave: Basingstoke. 67-98.
  • Wood, Andy (1996). ‘Custom, identity and resistance: English free miners and their law, c.1550-1800’. In The experience of authority in early modern England. Griffiths, P., Fox, A. & Hindle, S. Macmillan: Basingstoke. 249-85.

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