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Durham University

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)

Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture

Wilhelm Levison, born in Düsseldorf in 1876 of a Jewish family, was one of the greatest historians of the early middle ages. Lecturer at Bonn in 1903 and professor in 1909, the Nuremberg laws of 1935 forced him as a Jew to resign his chair, and in November 1938 he was debarred from the use of libraries. In early 1939, Durham University, which had in 1931 awarded him an honorary doctorate, offered him a fellowship. In April 1939 he and his wife Elsa moved to Durham where he continued his research until his death in 1947 and prepared for publication his most important work, England and the Continent in the Eighth Century. He and his wife are buried in the Bow Cemetery.

This lecture series was inaugurated in 2008 in order to celebrate the scholarly vision and achievements of Professor Levison. Each year a speaker is invited to build upon the foundations of cross-Channel cooperation and understanding in medieval history which Professor Levison did so much to establish.

Details of the next lecture in the Wilhelm Levison series will be posted here shortly. Meanwhile, see below for details of topics covered in the past.

Past Lectures

Mon, 18 May 20206:00pm to 7:00pmCANCELLED: Levison Memorial Lecture: The Pilgrimage Experience: European Pilgrims and English Shrines in the Middle Ages
Wed, 5 June 201910:00am to 12:00pm11th Wihelm Levison Memorial Workshop 2019
Tue, 4 June 20195:30pm to 8:00pm11th Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: England and the Continent in the eighth century: but which parts of the Continent?
Tue, 5 June 20185:30pm10th Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: Sweetness and Bitterness. The Sense of Taste in and around Anglo-Saxon England
Wed, 2 November 20165:30pm9th Annual Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: Odo of Tournai's Disputation with a Jew and Some Other Interreligious Dialogues in the Wake of Anselm's Cur Deus Homo
Wed, 18 November 20155:30pm8th Wilhelm Levison Memorial lecture and dinner: Kings, Emperors, and the Cosmos: History without Frontiers
Fri, 28 November 20145:30pm7th Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture and dinner: Jews in Early Medieval Penitential Literature: Between Hermeneutical Jewry and Real People
Tue, 3 December 20135:30pm6th Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: Northumbria and the Continent around the time of the Lindisfarne Gospels
Mon, 19 November 20125:30pm5th Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: Anselm in the Anchorhold: the influence of Anselm of Canterbury on the English Anchoritic Tradition
Tue, 6 December 20115:30pm4th Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: The Planning of Anglo-Norman Cathedral Cities
Tue, 7 December 20105:30pm3rd Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: The King's Voice: On Royal Styles in Early Medieval Diplomas
Tue, 8 December 20095:30pm2nd Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: England and the Continent in context: communications and exchange in the Northern Seas (seventh to ninth centuries)
Tue, 16 December 20087:15pm1st Wilhelm Levison Memorial Lecture: From Düsseldorf to Durham: Wilhelm Levison and his Contemporaries