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History of the Book

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John O’Brien, “Book Haters or Book Lovers? Sixteenth-Century French Readers and Practices of Censorship”

Marc Schachter, “La Boétie’s Servitude volontaire and the Politics of Jean Piochet’s Bibliophilia”

Richard Scholar, “Translating Utopia in Early Modern France: The Case of Barthélemy Aneau”

Helen Smith, “Looking at Books with the Natural Philosophers”

Jon Mee, “‘What wild desires, what restless torments:’ John Ferriar and Diagnosing Bibliomania”

Hervé Baudry, “’It is not only fire that burns the books’: The Expurgator, a Bibliophile or a Bibliophobe?”

Ana de Oliveira Dias, “In the Face of Evil: Books and Devotional Practice in Medieval Iberia”


Jessica Purdy, “Method or Madness? The Comparative Collecting Practices of the Gorton and Grantham Parish Libraries”

Anna-Lujz Gilbert, “‘According to his judgement and discretion’: Acquiring Parish Library Books in Early Modern Devon”

Alison Newman, “How a Librarian Looks at Books”

Deborah McGrady:“The Politics of Bibliophilia: The Case of Louis d'Orléans

Eleanor Baker, “Objects of Fascination: Middle English Book-Craft Recipes in Late Medieval Manuscripts”

Laurie Atkinson, “Passing the Buke in Late Medieval Dream Poetry: The Case of Gavin Douglas’s Palice of Honoure

Max Yela, “Why We Love Books: The Origins of the Book as Sacred and Mystic Object”


Milda KvizikevičiÅ«tÄ—, “‘Not worth reading’ or Emotional Polemics between a Book and its Reader in Grand Duchy of Lithuania”

J. Clare Woods, “Student Notes, Florilegium, or Commentary in the Making? A Glimpse into the Margins of an Early Printed Pliny”

Joseph Saunders, “Acquiring and Bequeathing Books in the English Print Trade, 1625-1641”

Ada Palmer: Hostile Intervention in Renaissance Books and Manuscripts, from Correction to Expurgation

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