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Durham University

Durham Early Modern Conference

Durham EMC 2020: Panel/Strand Proposal

The deadline for all proposals for the Durham Early Modern Conference (8-10 July 2020) is Monday 11 November 2019

For proposals to be considered they must be complete: all fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in; all abstracts should be kept as close to 100 words as possible.

Panel Proposals should comprise at least three papers. The usual panel structure is three papers, each lasting 20 minutes, with thirty minutes dedicated to discussion (90 minutes in total). Panels may also consist of four papers, each lasting 15 minutes, with the whole session being delivered within the 90-minute slot.

Panel proposals may include the name of a panel chair or may instead leave this choice to the discretion of the conference organisers. Panels selected for the conference without an identified chair will be supplied with a chair from the pool of available conference attendees. The organisers ask that attendees, where possible, please indicate in the form below their willingness to serve as a chair, if need be, for a panel on a topic related to their research.

Strand Proposals: The conference organisers strongly encourage the submission of proposals for strands which will run through the conference. These should generally comprise at least two and no more than five related panels. Please use a new panel proposal form for each panel within the strand, clearly indicating at the start of the form the strand title that the panel sits within.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By submitting a proposal to us you (and where applicable your co-panellists) are agreeing to us using your data in the following ways:

  • Your email address(es) can be added to the Conference mailing list to receive updates about this Conference and future conferences.
  • Your name(s), title and abstract(s) can be added to the Durham Early Modern Conference website and other associated publicity, and included in the conference packs.
  • Your name(s) and affiliations can be added to the Durham Early Modern Conference delegate list, which will be included in the conference packs and on the IMEMS website.

If you would like to opt out of any of the above you may do so at any time by emailing You can access the University's privacy notices by clicking here

Panel Details

Please keep this as close as possible to 100 words

Please note that as the Panel Organiser, all information relating to your submission will be sent to you, with the expectation that you will pass this on to your co-panellists, where appropriate.

We ask that Chairs welcome and introduce the speakers and ensure panels keep to the length of time available to allow delegates to move on to the next session or break. After all papers have been delivered, the Chair may wish to respond, for example highlighting possible connections between the research questions and conclusions, before inviting a wider discussion. Please note that if you are unable to identify a Chair at this stage of the submission process, the conference organisers will endeavour to find one. In exceptional circumstances, we may ask a speaker on the panel also to serve as Panel Chair.

Paper 1

Please keep this as close as possible to 100 words.

Paper 2

Please keep this as close as possible to 100 words.

Paper 3

Please keep this as close as possible to 100 words.

Paper 4
Panels will usually comprise three papers; if you wish to submit a fourth paper, please note that each participant will have 15 (rather than 20 minutes) speaking time, within a 90-minute overall slot.

Please keep this as close as possible to 100 words.

Additional Information

While the main Conference language is English, we are happy to consider panels delivered in other languages. Please provide details here if the language of your panel or strand is NOT English. 

Rooms are equipped with a data projector and computer as standard. Mac users should bring their own AV connector cables as these can differ among different product versions. We will do our best to accommodate special equipment requests, but please note we are unable to make guarantees.