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Tipping Points

Work Packages

Rapid Neoglacial-transitions in the North Atlantic
What caused the profound shift in the Holocene climate during c. 5-4 ka? Researchers within IHRR will make the first global compilation of existing climate data and develop high-resolution climate records of the North Atlantic region.

Financial Crisis in the Banking Sector: Present and Past
The recent financial crisis came with little to no warning and resulted in drastic changes within the global financial system. What role did the banks, government and the media play in the financial crisis of 2007 and similar crises throughout history?

The Mathematical Basis of Tipping Points
How does the tipping point metaphor extend into mathematics? Identifying the properties of tipping point systems mathematically is fundamental to understanding how systems 'tip' resulting in drastic change.

Metaphor and Agency
How has the tipping point metaphor evolved and changed over time? Research in widespread usage of the tipping point metaphor will help us understand how it has been popularised and may come to have agency.

Critical Transitions
Bringing together all of the research from the four TP work projects, IHRR will begin to develop ways in which we can understand tipping point systems in the world we live in and prepare for the 'tipping points' we could encounter in the future.