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IHRR Seminar: Professor Mark Allen, Earth Sciences, Durham University, Loess landslides enhance earthquake impacts

5th November 2018, 13:00 to 14:00, W309, Geography

Earthquake-triggered landslides are crucial factors in seismic risk and landscape evolution, but the relationships have not been explained for the world’s deadliest earthquakes in the Loess Plateau of northern China. We derive landslide parameters, including volumes via a novel statistical approach, from a new dataset (>30,000 landslides; total area 1725 km2) for four M ~7-8 Loess Plateau earthquakes. Landslides caused by each of these earthquakes had total volumes of ~5-10 km3; mass wasting exceeded co-seismic uplift by a factor of two. Future landslides on similar scales would strike 30-50% of settlements in worst-affected areas, covering >104 km2, greatly contributing to death tolls. Our landslide analysis explains why Loess Plateau earthquakes are so devastating, and opens a new field for studying co-seismic erosion and uplift.

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