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IHRR Seminar: Urban Climatic Application in Asian Cities

13th November 2017, 13:00 to 14:00, W309, Geography, Professor Chao Ren

“We only have one earth to live on, one home to go back to, and one common future for mankind”

The study of urban climate has been developed since the nineteenth century due to the anthropogenic climate modification in the cities caused by global industrialization and urbanization process, with the focus to investigate the urban climatic phenomena such as urban heat island, urban energy budget, air pollution dispersion and urban ventilation. The urban climate has great impacts on cities and their populations in terms of thermal comfort, air quality and wind environment.

Although the research studies in the field of urban climatology has been largely expanded in the last two decades, the impact of urban climate knowledge in the urban planning and design practice is still very low. One of the reasons for this is that climate issues are not significant in urban planning decision and they are incorporated in conjunction with other environmental concerns.

Dr. REN will share her practical experience by introducing several governmental consultancy projects she involved and led in Asian high density cities. The presentation looks at the ways of urban climatic application strategies and also the methodology of urban climatic mapping system and urban ventilation assessment.

This seminar is free to attend and open to all with no need to register to attend.

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