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IHRR Seminar: Tales from the Russian Underground: Cyber-Threat Generation and Attack Economics

6th November 2017, 13:00 to 14:00, W309, Geography, Luca Allodi, Technical University of Eindhoven

Cybercrime markets support the development and diffusion of new attack technologies, vulnerability exploits, and malware. Russian attackers have been at the forefront of innovation of hacking techniques and malware delivery mechanisms since the inception of the first high-scale cyber-attacks of the recent years.

In this seminar we provide a full-spectrum characterisation of the organisational, economic, and technical aspects that foster, and are maintained by, the Russian underground economy. Through direct infiltration of a prominent Russian cybercrime market we investigate the economic and organisational mechanisms that regulate the economy and sustain its development, as well as uncovering the attack tools and malware infrastructure adopted by cybercriminals, their pricing, and rate of innovation.

The attendee will leave the discussion with a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind the generation and diffusion of cyber-attacks at scale, the policing and organisational mechanisms that characterise the market economy that supports them, and a quantitative understanding of the dynamics of attack trade and acquisition.

This seminar is free to attend and open to all with no need to register to attend.

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