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Seminar - Maximising the impact of research for development: The challenge and possible solutions

22nd October 2012, 12:30 to 14:00, Seminar Room 010, Dept of Geography, John Young, Overseas Development Institute

There is no hot line between research and better development policy, practice and outcomes. Huge sums have been spent on unproductive development research, and huge sums have been invested in unproductive development interventions. We live in an increasingly interconnected world where solutions to poverty lies as much in changed behaviour in the developed and middle-income countries as in developing countries, where policy processes are increasingly complex, multi-factorial and non-linear, and practical interventions involve a continuously expanding network of actors with multiple, often divergent incentives. But recognising this, and learning from recent research into complexity, networks, political incentives, innovation systems and new communication technology, new forms of global knowledge networks are emerging that have the power to transform the world. In this presentation Dr John Young, Director of ODI’s Research and Policy in Development Programme will present some of the challenges, some cutting edge research, and some innovative new approaches.

Chair: Katie Oven

About Presenter

John Young is Director of Impact Assessment, Partnerships and Rapid at the Overseas Development Institute. John started and then developed the RAPID programme into a global leader on the research-policy interface, and was instrumental in developing RAPID’s key approaches on policy influence (ROMA). After two years as Deputy Director of ODI John continues to lead the RAPID programme with an emphasis on impact assessments and evaluation, and with organisation-wide responsibility for developing strategic partnerships.

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