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Seminar - Circulation and Space: Neglected themes in the conceptualisation of social production of space and its importance for health

14th May 2012, 12:30 to 14:00, Seminar Room 010, Dept of Geography, Prof Emmanuel Eliot

From a French oriented perspective, viewing with great interest British and North American research, the presentation proposes to start from the notion of ‘emergence’ in order to reconsider this idea in a socio-spatial perspective. This will lead to discuss the ways interactions are considered in theories and why focussing on them could be valuable for improving the ‘nature/culture’ debate.  The presentation will highlight these theoretical issues with ongoing research projects, especially on local governance of Health in India and on the diffusion of epidemics.

As a geographer, Emmanuel Eliot’s research interests focus on health issues. Since his PhD research on the geography of HIV/ AIDS in India (1999), he has produced a series of studies in health geography, focussed especially on diffusion processes and inequalities, but also on health access and deprivation. Work on health has been associated with studies on transportation, mobility and regional planning. These two orientations led him to develop theoretical and methodological approaches in which circulation is a key concept for understanding relationships between space, risk health and health care. Much of his research uses mixed methods (modelling, quantitative and qualitative). He is currently Professor at the department of geography, University of Rouen, France, and is working on several research projects in Europe and India.

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