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Resilience in Cyber Security Paper

(19 October 2018)

Congratulations to Professor Julian Williams, Co-Director, IHRR who has recently had a paper on the theory of resilience published in the European Journal of Operational Research.

An abstract from the paper:

Information security is concerned with protecting the con dentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems. System managers deploy their resources with the aim of maintaining target levels of these attributes in the presence of reactive threats. Information stewardship is the challenge of maintaining the sustainability and resilience of the security attributes of (complex, interconnected, multi-agent) information ecosystems. In this paper, we present, in the tradition public economics, a model of stewardship which addresses directly the question of resilience. We model attacker-targetsteward behaviour in a fully endogenous Nash equilibrium setting. We analyse the occurrence of externalities across targets and assess the steward's ability to internalise these externalities under varying informational assumptions. We apply and simulate this model in the case of a critical national infrastructure example. To read the full article click here