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Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience



Frontiers of Space Risk: Natural Cosmic Hazards & Societal Challenges

(8 June 2018)

The book published by Richard J. Wilman and Christopher J. Newman on 'Space Risks' is a successful spin-off from the IHRR Small Grant in 2014/15. It's an interdisciplinary edited collection which grew out of the 'Space Risk & Liability' workshop organised by Richard in mid-2015 using that funding. 

This book brings together diverse new perspectives on current and emerging themes in space risk, covering both the threats to Earth-based activities arising from space events (natural and man-made), and those inherent in space activity itself. Drawing on the latest research, the opening chapters explore the dangers from asteroids and comets; the impact of space weather on critical technological infrastructure on the ground and in space; and the more uncertain threats posed by rare hazards further afield in the Milky Way.

Available to order on CRC Press and Amazon.

View the flyer here for more information.