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Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience



IHRR has published their first book

(27 April 2018)

Evolving Narratives of Hazard and Risk

The Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal 2015

Edited by Louise Bracken, Hanna A. Ruszczyk and Tom Robinson

Available from Amazon, Palgrave and Springer


Part I - Earthquake Prepardness and Response


1. Introduction to the Gorkha Earthquake

Hanna A. Ruszczyk and Tom Robinson

2. Earthquake Risk Reduction Efforts in Nepal: NSET's Experience

Amod Mani Dixit, Surya Narayan Shrestha, Ramesh Guragain, Ganesh Jimee, Ranjan Dhungel, Suman Pradhan, Nisha Shrestha, Surya Prasad Acharya, Sujan Raj Adhikari, Kapil Bhattarai, and Hanna A. Ruszczyk

3. The First 100 Hours: Emergency Response to the Gorkha Earthquake

Gopi Krishna Basyal

4. Health and the Nepal Earthquake: Ways Forward

Ramjee Bhandari, Chandika Shrestha, and Shiva Raj Mishra

5. The Science of Earthquake Forecasting: What's Next for Nepal and the Himalayan Region?

Sanchita Neupane

6. Disaster Games and the Role of Science for Informing High-level Emergency Response Planning for Nepal

T.R. Robinson

Part II - Disciplinary Perspectives


7. Communities in the Aftermath of Nepal's Earthquake

Ben Campbell

8. The Earthquake and Ideas Lying Around

Hanna A. Ruszczyk

9. Green Social Work and the Uptake by the Nepal School of Social Work: Building Resilience in Disaster-Stricken Communities

Lena Dominelli

10. Look Down, Not Up: Protecting the Post-disaster Subsurface Heritage of the Kathmandu Valley's UNESCO World Heritage Site

Robin Coningham, Kosh Prasad Acharya, Christopher Davis, Kai Weise, Ram Bahadur Kunwar, and Ian Simpson

11. Looking and Moving Forward

T.R. Robinson, H.A. Ruszczyk, and L.J. Bracken