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UK must prepare for extreme weather and ageing population

(11 October 2011)

A recent study from the BIOPICCC project reveals how the UK must prepare infrastructure for older people's care for future extreme weather events due to climate change.

The study published in Applied Geography has received massive attention from UK media.

Prof Sarah Curtis and Dr Sim Reaney were interviewed by BBC North and ITV Tyne Tees in IHRR about mapping future extreme weather events due to occur more frequently in England because of climate change, along with an increase in the country’s population of older people.  The news segment on BIOPICCC from ITV is now available online, along with a large number of news articles on the web.


'Climate change and health and social care: Defining future hazard, vulnerability and risk for infrastructure systems supporting older people’s health care in England'. Applied Geography
K.J. Oven, S.E. Curtis, S. Reaney, M. Riva, M.G. Stewart, R. Ohlemüller, C.E. Dunn, S. Nodwell, L. Dominelli , R. Holden

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