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Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

Graduate Programmes

Central to what we do is knowledge exchange -- enabling knowledge to flow both from the Institute, as a beacon of expertise in hazard and risk research, and back into the institute to work with the expert knowledge held by those who live with hazard and risk on a day-to-day basis. Our Graduate Programme is one means by which we are delivering this by training researchers in hazard, risk and resilience from around the world.

Masters level training

Our Graduate Programme is underpinned by a cross-University, Masters level programme in Hazard and Risk.

The first stage of this was launched in October 2009, when we admitted students to study for a one year MA or an MSc by research, specialising in Hazard and Risk, where they undertake a cutting edge research dissertation on a topic of their own choice. This programme is open to any eligible student. A number of bursaries to support the programme were available and more may become available in due course. 

The second stage of our Masters training was launched in October 2010. It is a Masters programme that combines three core modules (Understanding Risk, Fundamentals of Risk Research and Risk Frontiers) with specialist training provided in one of three areas: Hazards and the Environment, Health and Public Policy or Security. Students will also complete either a work-based project, for those wanting a more vocational focus, or a research-based project, as preparation for doctoral research. Globally, these programmes are unique. For further information please contact the Programme Convenor, Dr Louise Bracken or the Risk Masters Support Officer, Mrs Nicola Bramfitt

Doctoral research

Our Graduate Programme includes a world-leading focus upon doctoral research. This is based upon a core mechanism: space, physical and intellectual, for doctoral students working in the University on Hazard and Risk. Students express an interest in working in this field by identifying an appropriate research topic and discussing this with the Institute. The Institute will then identify the University Department that is most appropriate for registering that student and invite the applicant to apply to that Department where, if accepted, the student will be registered.

Doctoral students are then supported by the Institute's outstanding new building, as well as the intellectual space that underpins the Institute: Masters level Hazard and Risk modules; public lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences; special student-led research initiatives; and the opportunity for day-to-day exchange provided through facilities like the Gordon Manley Room, the Institute’s magnificent social space.

Continuing Professional Development

We are currently exploring innovative new ways of accrediting learning, including both short courses and material delivered by other providers. We see CPD as an innovative means of delivering and demonstrating its commitment to Knowledge Exchange. If you are an organisation interested in CPD, please email