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Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

Recent and Current Activities

Mapping future climate space

1) Impacts of Quaternary climatic change on species and ecosystems

This work package investigates the effects of climatic changes over the last 40000 years on the distributions of species and ecosystems. Understanding how the geographic distributions of both the physical and living environment have changed in response to these past climatic changes can help inform our predictions of the effects of future climate change on the biota (all plant and animal life of a particular region).

2) Large-scale patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem function and services

Much of our research continues to investigate the mechanisms underlying patterns of biodiversity and species invasions we see on our planet and what this means for the functionality of ecosystems. We were part of a large global analysis of fern transects and of a multidisciplinary review on the effects of species invasions on pollination ecosystem services. We lead and are part of several projects (NERC funded) on climate-snow-vegetation interactions.

3) Projections of future climate change impacts

We continue to provide risk assessments of future threats to the biota from projected climatic change. Recent work includes an assessment of the future distribution of suitable climatic conditions for British mosses. Several NERC and Leverhulme-funded projects are underway to develop new dynamic modelling approaches for species range shifts under future climatic change.