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Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law


Institute Of Commercial And Corporate Law

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Conference papers

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Edited sources

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Edited works: conference proceedings

  • Ashby, Lana (2014). When the car runs out of gas: restructuring in the European automotive sector. International Bar Association 20th Annual Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Garde, A. & Haravon, M (2008). New Rights for Air Passengers in Europe. The International Lawyer’s Year-In-Review

Other media: research

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  • (Published). Human Rights in Ireland.

Other media: research equivalent


  • Ashby, Lana (2014), 'To what extent can a receiver rely on third parties* when discharging his power of sale?] * Third parties include accountants, valuers, attorneys-at-law, real estate agents et cetera, Judges Colloquium at The Caribbean Court of Justice. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Chirita, Anca D. (2013), Competition, Financial Markets and the Economic Crisis, Durham University Pre-sessional Lecture. Josephine Butler College, Durham, England.

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  • Hayward, A (2013). Judicial Discretion in Ownership Disputes over the Family Home. PhD: 265.