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IBRU: Centre for Borders Research

Boundary-related links

This page contains links to more than 200 internet resources which may be of interest to boundary enthusiasts. Please note, however, that a link to an external site from this page does not necessarily imply that the International Boundaries Research Unit endorses the views expressed on that site.

Links can be browsed by category or you can search for links across all categories by keyword.



To search for a phrase, enclose the phrase within quotation marks, e.g. "South China Sea". Entering South China Sea without quotation marks will return all links containing any of the words south, china or sea.

Australia Information on Australia's maritime boundaries from Geoscience Australia.
Australia-East Timor Documents on East Timor's maritime boundaries from Petrotimor.
Australia-East Timor Legal opinion in the matter of East Timor's maritime boundaries by Vaughan Lowe, Christopher Carleton and Christopher Ward.
Australia-East Timor Australia bleeds Timor for oil Article by John Land in Green Left Weekly, October 2000.
Australia-East Timor The Timor Sea Treaty of May 2002 and related agreements.
Australia-East Timor Maritime boundary fact sheets from the government of East Timor.
Australia-Indonesia 1997 Maritime Delimitation Treaty: treaty text and Australian national interest analysis.
Austria-Germany Ernst Stavro Blofeld's Jungholz site.
Bangladesh-India Waiting for the Esquimo: An Historical and Documentary Study of the Cooch Behar enclaves of India and Bangladesh. Research paper by Brendan Whyte.
Barbados-Trinidad and Tobago Information on the Barbados-Trinidad and Tobago maritime boundary arbitration from the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
Belgium-Germany-NetherlandsA Walk in the Park Aidan Stradling's guide to the Belgium-Germany-Netherlands boundary tripoint "Drielandenpunt"
Belgium-Netherlands Notes on the exclaves of Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog by Barry Smith.
Belgium-Netherlands De Grenspalen van Nederland Site devoted to Dutch boundary markers.
Belize-GuatemalaPerspectives on the territorial disputes from the governments of Belize and Guatemala.
Belize-GuatemalaDocuments on the territorial differendum from the Organization of American States.
Belize-GuatemalaThe Cost of Conflict: the Anglo-Belize/Guatemala Territorial Issue by Janine Sylvestre.
Belize-Mexico Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas entre México y Belize (Mexican section)
Bolivia-BrazilNotes on the disputed Isla Suárez / Ilha de Guajará-mirim in the Rio Mamoré by Wilson Krukoski (in Spanish and Portuguese).
Bosnia-Herzegovina The Arbitral Tribunal For the Dispute Over the Inter-Entity Boundary in Brcko Area.
Brazil Boundaries of Brazil An excellent site on the boundaries of Brazil (some pages only available in Portuguese and Spanish).
Brazil-ParaguayNotes on the Guairá/Itaipu section of the Brazil-Paraguay boundary by Wilson Krukoski.
Brazil-Uruguay Commentary on Uruguay's claims to islands in the Rio Cuareim and the Arroyo de la Invernada by Wilson Krukoski.
Burma-Thailand Drugs and war destabilise Thai-Myanmar border region. Article by Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy of
Burma-Thailand A photo essay of Life on the Thai-Burmese border.
Cameroon-Nigeria Proceedings of the Land and Maritime Boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria (Cameroon v. Nigeria: Equatorial Guinea intervening) case before the International Court of Justice.
Cameroon-Nigeria Communiques from the Mixed Commission working to implement the ICJ's judgment.
Canada Canadian maritime legislation, including details of Canada's maritime limits.
Canada-USA The Canada-USA International Boundary Commission
Canada-USA "Between Friends/Entres Amis" An exhibition of photographs by the National Film Board of Canada.
Canada-USA The 49th Parallel Project A multi-media art project by Gregor Turk.
Canada-USA Diary of an expedition along the 49th Parallel by Dan Jacobson.
Canada-USA The Tsawwassen-Point Roberts boundary.
Canada-USA Border traffic cameras.
Canada-USA Machias Seal Island: A Geopolitical Anomaly by Paul B. Schmidt.
Caucasus Contested Borders in the Caucasus The online version of a new book edited by Bruno Coppieters.
Central Asia Central Asia: Border Disputes and Conflict Potential Report by the International Crisis Group.
Central Asia Caspian Sea or Lake: What Difference Does It Make? Article by Bernard H. Oxman in Caspian Crossroads Magazine.
Central Asia Caspian Sea Region: Legal Issues Analysis by the United States Energy Information Administration, July 2002
China-Japan The Diaoyutai/Senkaku Dispute: The Unwanted Controversy Article by Phil Deans.
China-Japan Japanese Militarism & Diaoyutai (Senkaku) Island - A Japanese Historian's View Article by Kiyoshi Inoue.
China-Japan List of links to pro-Chinese sites.
China-Russia "Street of Russian Goods Welcome!" Article on the Amur River borderlands by Jeffrey Tayler inThe Atlantic Monthly.
Cyprus Jesper Nielsen's Boundaries of Cyprus site.
East Timor-Indonesia Managing Tensions on the Timor-Leste/Indonesia Border. Briefing paper by the International Crisis Group, May 2006.
Ecuador-Peru Territorial Disputes and Their Resolution: The Case of Ecuador and Peru by Beth A. Simmons (United States Institute of Peace "Peaceworks", No. 27).
Ecuador-Peru Map of the formerly disputed territory from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.
Eritrea-Ethiopia U.S. Leadership in Resolving African Conflict: The Case of Ethiopia-Eritrea. Report by John Prendergast for the United States Institute of Peace.
Eritrea-Ethiopia Documents from the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission at the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The Delimitation Decision is also available from the United Nations.
Eritrea-Ethiopia The Eritrea-Ethiopia Conflict Page from (Eritrean Community Online Network)
Eritrea-Ethiopia Another Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict Page (pro-Ethiopia)
Eritrea-Ethiopia Another Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict Webpage by Professor H. Ghebre-Ab, Claremont College, University of Cincinnati.
Eritrea-Ethiopia Background to the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia by Mebrat Tzehaie (pro-Eritrea)
Eritrea-Ethiopia Independent Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission Decisions and UN Security Council Resolutions Article by Ghidewon Abay Asmerom on the Eritrean People's Front for Democracy and Justice website.
Eritrea-Ethiopia Key events in 2004 and Year in Review 2005. Chronologies supplied by IRIN News.
Eritrea-Ethiopia Eritrea and Ethiopia: War or Peace? September 2003 report by the International Crisis Group.
Eritrea-Ethiopia Eritrea and Ethiopia: Preventing War. December 2005 report by the International Crisis Group.
Eritrea-Yemen The Eritrea-Yemen Arbitration Award from the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
A PDF version (400kb) of the Phase 1 Award (Territorial Sovereignty and Scope of the Dispute) is also available.
Eritrea-Yemen The Eritrea/Yemen Arbitration: Landmark Progress in the Acquisition of Territorial Sovereignty and Equitable Maritime Boundary Delimitation Paper by Barbara Kwiatkowska.
Estonia-Russia Summary of border negotiations between 1992 and 1999 from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Falkland Islands The Falklands-Malvinas Forum seeks to improve communications between Argentina, the Falkland Islands and the United Kingdom, by facilitating the discussion of important issues that will shape their common future into the next century. The web site contains information on current diplomatic and economic issues related to the islands and a chronology of the 1982 war.
Falkland Islands Fishery conflicts around the Falkland Islands by Roel Hans Bethlehem.
Falkland Islands The Future of the Falkland Islands and its People by Lyubomir Ivanov.
Germany A site about the troops that monitored and patrolled the Iron Curtain between East and West Germany.
Germany US Army Border Operations in Germany, 1945-1983 by William E. Stacy
Germany-Poland Manhunters Images of the work of the German border patrol along the Oder-Neisse border by Piet den Blanken.
Germany-Poland The Relic Landscape of the Iron Curtain in Germany by Ingolf Vogeler.
Greece-Turkey Documents and commentary on the Imia/Kardak dispute collected by the Greek and Turkish foreign affairs ministries.
Greece-Turkey Disputing the Continental Shelf Region in the Aegean Sea: the Environmental Implications of the The Greek-Turkish Standoff by Chip Arvantides.
Guatemala-Mexico Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas entre México y Guatemala (Mexican section).
Guyana-Suriname Documents relating the maritime boundary dispute from CXG Energy.
Guyana-Suriname Suriname-Guyana Maritime and Territorial Disputes: A Legal and Historical Analysis. Article by Thomas Donovan in the Journal of Transnational Law and Policy.
Guyana-Suriname Guyana Invokes Annex VII of United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea Against Suriname for Disputed Maritime Boundary. ASIL Insights article by Thomas Donovan.
Guyana-Suriname Dividing the Sea: the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, Maritime Case Law, and the Current Dispute Between Guyana and Suriname
Guyana-Suriname History of the Republic of Guyana Guyanese perspective on territorial issues with Suriname and Venezuela.
Guyana-Suriname The Suriname-Guyana Border Issue.
Guyana-Suriname News reports from Guyana via the Guyana: Land of Six Peoples site (click 'more' under 'Foreign/Regional')
Guyana-Venezuela A guide to Venezuela's claims to Esequibo from the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Spanish).
Guyana-Venezuela History of the Republic of Guyana Guyanese perspective on territorial issues with Suriname and Venezuela.
Haiti-USA Poop Dreams Article on Navassa Island from the Baltimore City Paper
Honduras-Nicaragua Commentary on the maritime boundary dispute between the two countries from the Nicaraguan foreign affair ministry.
Honduras-Nicaragua Documents on the maritime boundary dispute from the Organization of American States.
Hungary-Slovakia The Czechoslovak-Hungarian Border Dispute of 1938 by Edward Chaszar
India Trends in the Delimitation of India's Maritime Boundaries by Rahul Roy-Chaudhury.
Iran-IraqIBRU's notes on the Iran-Iraq maritime boundary
Iraq-Syria Maps from the Report of the Commission Entrusted by the Council with the Study of the Frontier between Syria and Iraq (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Israel Selected reference documents on Israel's relations with her neighbours published by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs.
Israel-Syria The Line of June 4, 1967. Article by Frederic C. Hof.
Japan-Korea An overview of the dispute over Tok-do/Takeshima.
Japan-Russia Japan's Northern Territories from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Japan-Russia Secret of Sakhalin Island.
Mexico-USAAn index of sites relating to the Mexico-USA border from New Mexico State University library.
Mexico-USAInternational Boundary & Water Commission - United States section.
Mexico-USAProgramme on the US-Mexico Border Environment at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona.
Mexico-USAThe US-Mexico Border XXI Programme which aims to achieve a clean environment, protect public health and natural resources, and encourage sustainable development along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Mexico-USAMaps of the Lower Rio Grande Region.
Mexico-USAU.S. Border Patrol National Museum.
Mexico-USAThe Militarization of the U.S.- Mexico Border Interview with Maria Jiménez.
Mexico-USABorder Crossings An experiment in hypertextual relationships by Karla Tonella of the University of Iowa.
Mexico-USAWorking the Line Professor David Taylor's stunning photodocumentary of the monuments marking the Mexico-USA boundary and his encounters with encounters with migrants, smugglers, the Border Patrol, minutemen and residents of the borderlands.
Miscellaneous The int-boundaries email list. A popular forum for the discussion of international boundaries and other territorial issues.
Miscellaneous The BorderPoint email list. Lively discussion about borders, tripoints and territorial oddities.
Miscellaneous Boundary Bits Boundary-related news from International Boundary Consultants.
Miscellaneous Paul Hensel's Border and Territory Links.
Miscellaneous Karla Tonella's Border Crossings links.
Miscellaneous Jesper Nielsen's Borderbase, which includes a wonderful collection of boundary images.
Miscellaneous Peter Hering's Border Pictures site.
Miscellaneous Rolf Palmberg's Border Zone Europe and Border Zone Asia & America picture sites.
Miscellaneous Special European Borders Life along the Dutch-German, the Belgian and other European state boundaries.
Miscellaneous 'Fraid at the Edges Essay by Stephen DeLong.
Miscellaneous Boundary Conflicts and Preventive Diplomacy Essay by Kjell-Åke Nordquist.
Miscellaneous On Drawing Lines on Maps Essay by Barry Smith.
Miscellaneous Fiat and Bona Fide Boundaries Essay by Barry Smith.
Miscellaneous Geopolitical Friction Chapter from Military Geography for Professionals and the Public by John M. Collins.
Miscellaneous PDF icon Frontiers The complete, unexpurgated text of a classic piece of border literature: the 1907 Romanes lecture by Lord Curzon of Kedleston, Viceroy of India 1898-1905 and British Foreign Secretary 1919-24.
Miscellaneous Shore and Sea Boundaries PDF versions of all three volumes of this classic work by Aaron L. Shalowitz and Michael W. Reed. See especially Part Two of Volume III on Delimiting Maritime Boundaries.
Miscellaneous Legal regime of joint development and management zones Chapter from Ocean governance: sustainable development of the Seas edited by Peter Bautista Payoyo.
Miscellaneous A comparative overview of theories about boundaries by
Miscellaneous The Global Maritime Boundary Database from General Dynamics.
Miscellaneous Nomadic Borders Papers from an international workshop of the Centre for Independent Social Research held at Narva, Estonia in June 1998.
Miscellaneous Doug Murray's record of the 'Great Central European Border Expedition' of 2001.
Miscellaneous EUBORDERCONF - The European Union and Border Conflicts: The Impact of Integration and Association. Project coordinated at the Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham, UK
Miscellaneous The EU Border Identities project.
Miscellaneous EUDIMENSIONS - Local Dimensions of a Wider European Neighbourhood: Developing Political Community Through Practices and Discourses of Cross-Border Co-Operation.
Miscellaneous Dismemberment and Suffocation: A Contribution to the Debate on African Boundaries Paper by Pierre Englebert, Stacy Tarango and Matthew Carter.
Miscellaneous The MIT Cascon System for Analyzing International Conflict
Miscellaneous The World Conservation Monitoring Centre's Transboundary Protected Areas pages.
Miscellaneous Jurisdictional Relationships Between Nations and Their Former Colonies Article by Thomas W. Donovan in The Gonzaga Journal of International Law (2003).
Miscellaneous Crossing Borders Current and historical images of the Finland-Sweden-Russia border region.
Miscellaneous The Border Poetics project at the University of Tromsø.
Miscellaneous Learning to Play Chess on Water: How States Resolve Maritime Boundary Disputes, and Maximize Capture of Resources, in the UNCLOS Era. Essay by Jonathan D. Greenberg in the Harvard International Review, 23 August 2011
Morocco-Spain Article on the fence around Ceuta from El Pais, August 1999.
Nepal Border Management of Nepal by Buddhi Narayan Shrestha.
New Zealand New Zealand's exclusive economic zone.
North Atlantic Competing Claims to Sovereignty and Maritime Jurisdiction in the Rockall Plateau Area Report prepared by IBRU for Greenpeace UK.
North Korea-South Korea Images from the North Korea-South Korea border from David Flack.
Norway-Russia Photos of the Norwegian border guard company Grensekompaniet.
OrganisationsABORNE: African Borderlands Research Network
OrganisationsAdvisory Board on Hydrographic, Geodetic and Marine Geo-Scientific Aspects of the Law of the Sea (ABLOS)
OrganisationsAssociation for Borderlands Studies
OrganisationsAssociation of European Border Regions
OrganisationsBorderpol An organisation serving the international community of border security professionals.
OrganisationsCenter for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of California, San Diego
OrganisationsCentre for Cross-Border Studies, Armagh, Northern Ireland
OrganisationsCentre for International Borders Research, Queen's University, Belfast
OrganisationsCenter for Regional and Transboundary Studies, Volgograd State University
OrganisationsPeipsi Centre for Transboundary Cooperation, Tartu, Estonia
OrganisationsCenter for World Indigenous Studies Olympia, Washington, especially the Fourth World Documentation Archive
OrganisationsCommittee on Geodetic Aspects of the Law of the Sea (GALOS)
OrganisationsDanish Institute of Border Region Studies, Aabenraa
OrganisationsThe European Borders Group based at the University of Surrey, UK
OrganisationsExlinea Lines of Exclusion as Arenas of Cooperation: Reconfiguring the External Boundaries of Europe - Policies, Practices and Perceptions
OrganisationsInternational Boundary Consultants
OrganisationsInternational Court of Justice
OrganisationsInternational Relations and Security Network
OrganisationsInternational Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
OrganisationsNetherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS)
OrganisationsNijmegen Centre for Border Research
OrganisationsSovereign Geographic, Inc.
OrganisationsThe Transnational Communities research programme
OrganisationsUN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf
OrganisationsUN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
OrganisationsUN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Fisheries Department
OrganisationsUnited States Institute of Peace - original sponsors of the IBRU website
OrganisationsReshaping Japan's Border Studies, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, Japan
OrganisationsMENAS Borders
Portugal-Spain 'The International Dispute of Olivenza' from the Friends of Olivenza (pro-Portuguese).
Reference Boundary lengths dataset from the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)
Reference Direct contiguity 1816-2000 (v3.0) dataset from the Correlates of War 2 website
Reference Territorial Change, 1816-2000 (v3.0) dataset from the Correlates of War 2 website
Reference CIA World Factbook (contains statistical information on all states recognised by the US government, including land border lengths and territorial disputes).
Reference Maritime conventions and treaties
Reference Maritime Claims Reference Manual from the United States Department of Defence (2005 edition).
Reference Oregon State University's Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database
Reference Chris Hedley's OceanLaw site
Reference Erdem Denk's Island Disputes site
Reference United Nations Treaty Database
Reference Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection from the University of Texas at Austin
Reference Maps from Sir Edward Hertslett's Map of Africa by Treaty from the Library of Congress.
Reference The US Department of State's International Boundary Studies and Limits in the Seas series hosted by the Florida State University College of Law. The Limits in the Seas series is also available directly from the Department of State website.
Reference Countries' EEZ database from theSeas Around Us project.
Saudi Arabia-Yemen Negotiating the Saudi-Yemeni international boundary Paper by Richard Schofield presented to the British-Yemeni Society.
Saudi Arabia-Yemen Commentary on the June 2000 border agreement from
Saudi Arabia-Yemen The Yemeni-Saudi Border Treaty Article in The Estimate, June 2000.
South China Sea South China Sea Informal Working Group at the University of British Columbia.
South China Sea Finding of the Energy and Security in the South China Sea project at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo.
South China Sea The South China Sea Dispute: Prospects for Preventive Diplomacy. A United States Institute of Peace Special Report by Scott Snyder.
South China Sea David Rosenberg's Interactive Map of the Spratly Islands.
South China Sea Paracels dispute and the impacts towards Southeast Asian human life. Vietnamese perspective on the Paracel Islands and other South China Sea territorial issues.