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Durham University

IBRU: Centre for Borders Research

The int-boundaries forum


Int-boundaries is an email discussion group created to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and opinions between people who are interested in the delimitation, demarcation and management of international boundaries around the world. International boundaries, both on land and at sea, are often a major source of stress between states, and discussion relating to the peaceful resolution of boundary and territorial disputes is particularly encouraged.


The int-boundaries list was established by the International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) at Durham University in response to calls for the creation of a forum devoted to boundary and territorial issues. Over the years IBRU has encountered many people whose insights and ideas deserve to be shared with a wider audience. An electronic mailing list is an ideal medium for facilitating such contact.

Who should subscribe?

Anyone with an interest in international boundaries is encouraged to subscribe to int-boundaries. Although the JISCmail system exists primarily for the academic community, there are no restrictions on who can participate. Indeed, contributions from non-academic boundary specialists are welcomed. The study of borders and the 'borderlands' which surround them encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including geography, history, law and political science, and it is hoped that contributions to this list will reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the subject.

What is discussed?

Int-boundaries is not moderated and the content of the discussion depends entirely on the interests of the participants. However, possible topics for discussion might include:

  • technical aspects of boundary delimitation
  • the management of transboundary resources
  • aspects of individual boundary disputes
  • the law of the sea and claims to maritime jurisdiction
  • 'soft borders'
  • alternative strategies for territorial management
  • dispute resolution techniques
  • the role of the International Court of Justice and arbitration tribunals
  • peacekeeping in troubled borderlands
  • refugees and borders
  • the territorial aspirations of non-state nations

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