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IBRU: Centre for Borders Research


The International River Boundaries Database was originally created by the International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) in order to estimate the lengths of specific river boundary sections.

The KML files in this database are provided to help readers identify the location of river boundary segments around the world. The sections were digitised primarily for the purpose of measuring the lengths of the sections. These path lines depicted on Google Earth are estimates only and should not be considered authoritative depictions of boundary sections; nor do they represent interpretations of respective boundary sections that are endorsed by IBRU. They do not represent the allocation of sovereignty over river islands or interpretations of sovereignty over river islands that are endorsed by the IBRU.

The International River Boundaries Database is copyright of the IBRU at Durham University. The database may be used for academic research purposes, but no part of the database may be published or otherwise redistributed without prior permission from IBRU. Please contact John Donaldson ( if you have any questions concerning use of the database.

All material in the International River Boundaries Database is under copyright of IBRU. Use of the material without proper attribution is prohibited.

IBRU is a part of Durham University.