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Durham University

IBRU: Centre for Borders Research

Boundary news search guidance

To search the IBRU boundary news database, simply enter keywords and/or phrases (each separated by a space) in the search box below. Phrases consist of several words, enclosed in double quotes - to be consider a match, all words in the phrase must match, exactly as written. Keywords/phrases can be the names of countries, places or people, activities (eg smuggling, migration) - anything you like.

If you enter a single keyword/phrase, the search will return all records containing that word/phrase. If you enter two or more keywords/phrases, the search will return all records which contain any of those words/phrases. If you precede a word/phrase with a plus sign, that word/phrase must be present for a match.

If you wish to restrict your search to a specific boundary, check the 'Search Boundary Field only' box before submitting your search.

Iran Iraq - Finds any records containing either Iran or Iraq.
+Iran +Iraq - Finds any records containing both Iran and Iraq.
“Iran Iraq” - Finds any records containing the word Iran followed immediately by the word Iraq.

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