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Uzebekistan ratifies border agreement with Tajikistan

(18 March 2009)

Uzbekistan's parliament has ratified a boundary demarcation agreement signed with neighbouring Tajikistan in 2002. The Tajik Assembly of Representatives had approved the agreement on 25 February 2009. The initial 2002 agreement set up a number of mechanisms and joint commissions to address a range of provisions related to transborder cooperation as well as boundary demarcation. The joint Tajik-Uzbek commission for trade and economic cooperation reportedly has proposed a number of cooperative arrangements relating to debt repayment and water-sharing initiative. The findings of the separate Tajik-Uzbek commission on delimitation and demarcation were signed in a protocol in February 2009. Although the final ratified agreement does not appear to have been made public, it is likely that protocols from these commissions have been attached to the original 2002 agreement. Reports suggest that the two sides still have not reached agreement on four sections of the boundary, constituting some 15% of the approximately 1,106 km boundary.

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