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Boundary tensions between Peru and Chile continue

(22 October 2015)

The designation by Peru of nine acres of land along the Peru-Chile border as a ‘terrestrial triangle’ has angered Chile. The La Yarada Los Palos district in the state of Tacna designates the Peruvian border to run from the Punto Concordia, a reference from the 1929 Treaty of Lima. However, Chile’s foreign affairs minister Heraldo Muñoz criticized Peru’s use of Punto Concordia, arguing that the border should be drawn from a point 850 feet to the northeast, stating that, “As far as Chile is concerned, there is no ‘terrestrial triangle’. That space is national territory. The public should be assured that the government will defend its national interests and exercise all the rights given to Chile in this area.”

The Chilean point is the reference that the International Court of Justice used to determine the disputed Chile-Peru maritime boundary in 2014, a ruling that gave Peru over 19,000 square miles of additional fishing territory. A representative from the foreign affairs ministry in Peru noted that, “The Peruvian government safeguards the rights and the sanctity of the land border with Chile, which starts at Punto Concordia, in accordance with the Treaty of 1929.”

Tensions between Peru and Chile regarding the border remain high, despite the 2014 ruling establishing the maritime boundary. Chile accuses the Peruvian government of increased border conflict to improve poor approval ratings, whereas Peru recently charged three members of the navy accused of providing information to Chile with espionage.


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