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Ongoing boundary disputes subject of Indonesia-Malaysia meeting

(22 October 2015)

Findings from the Ikatan Setia Kawan Watawan Malaysia-Indonesia (Iswami), a meeting between Indonesian and Malaysian officials, include ten unresolved land boundary disputes, according to Indonesian Embassy Military Attaché Colonel Yudhi Candra Jaya. The boundary disputes primarily are the result of different interpretations of the Anglo-Dutch Treaties of 1891 and 1915, and mapping issues, missing boundary markers, and difficult site conditions have exacerbated the disputes.

Indonesia cites ten areas as ‘Outstanding Border Problems.’ However, Malaysia only agrees with nine of these designations. Furthermore, the countries dispute the actual length of the shared boundary, with Indonesia referring to 2,004 kilometres of shared boundary whereas Malaysia measures the boundary as 2019 kilometres. In addition, the countries have maritime boundary disputes in regions including the Celebes Sea, East Singapore Straits, Tanjung Datu, South China Sea and the Exclusive Economic Zone north of the Straits of Malacca.

According to the Daily Express (Malaysia) newspaper, journalists have requested increased access to boundary negotiations because of accusations of lack of transparency. 


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