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Belize issues warning after Guatemalan troops detain travellers along disputed border

(5 March 2015)

The government of Belize issued a press release warning residents to travel with caution near the Guatemalan border after the Guatemalan military detained 37 Belizean residents returning from an excursion. The residents had travelled by boat to the boundary marker located at Gracias A Dios and may have, according to government reports, inadvertently entered Guatemalan waters. They were taken by the Guatemalan military to Livingston whereupon they received consular support and were returned to Belize.

The coordinators of the event had organized an activity planting palms on the Guatemalan side of the border in 2014. In a statement, the Belizean Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that, “The Government of Belize remains committed to a peaceful resolution of Guatemala’s claims as agreed under the Special Agreement of 2008 and the continuing process under the auspices of the OAS to maintain peace and to promote confidence building measures between the two countries.” However, the statement also cautioned Belize residents to leave border negotiation to government officials.


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