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Proposal to resolve border dispute between India and Bangladesh moves forward

(3 December 2014)

Days after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that India and Bangladesh were closing in on a solution to their long-standing border dispute, the Indian parliament took additional steps towards resolution. A parliamentary committee moved to table a constitutional amendment in order to allow a land swap agreement with Bangladesh to be approved. The proposed land swap agreement would resolve a significant aspect of India and Bangladesh’s long-standing border dispute, and clarify the status of tens of thousands of residents living in enclaves on the opposite side of the border.

The border enclaves have been a continuing issue between India and Bangladesh since the partition of British India in 1947. The proposed agreement would grant each side the enclaves on its side of the border, with the over 50,000 affected residents given the option to move to their original country or stay in their ‘new’ country. Jamal Hussain, a farm worker living in an enclave within West Bengal approved of the possible agreement, adding that, "I will finally have the chance to obtain an identity.”

Even as India and Bangladesh move closer towards an agreement, relations on the border between India and Pakistan remain tense. Indian soldiers killed six militants near the Pakistani border in northern Kashmir on 3 December 2014. The incident, which left one soldier dead and four wounded, coincided with a state election.


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