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Border agreement signed between Romania and Moldova

(9 November 2010)

On November 8 2010 a bilateral agreement, the Romania-Republic of Moldova Treaty on the regime of state borders, mutual cooperation and assistance on border issues, was signed between Romania and Moldova concerning their common border.

It is reported that the agreement sets out that existing border demarcation documents from 1974 will be replaced by new documents, and that a Joint Committee shall be formed by the parties to define the boundary line’s course and maintain border signs. Media reports suggest that the agreement describes the main responsibilities of the parties which include joint verification of the boundary and developing new demarcation documents. Further, it concerns issues of where natural changes have affected segments of the boundary, and principles for the river sections of the boundary, discerning between navigable and non-navigable sections, as well as environmental management issues.

Following independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, Romania was the first country that developed diplomatic relations with Moldova. Since this time however, Romania has previously refused to sign any agreements regarding their border with Moldova.

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