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Agreement on border accords reached by China and Vietnam

(15 July 2010)

On July 14 2010, in a ceremony held on the border between the Vietnam province of Ha Giang and the Yunnan province of China, three accords were brought in to enforcement. These accords include a Protocol on Border Demarcation and Marker Planting, an Agreement on Border Management Regulations and an Agreement on Border Gates and Border Management Regulations. The enforcement of these accords is seen as ending negotiations regarding the land boundary between the two states that have been ongoing for the past 36 years.

The three accords are now combined with the 1999 treaty on land borders between Vietnam and China. Within the new accords, documents now show border markers between the two states clearly, removing further complexities of comprehending the border demarcation. Further, issues surrounding water management and use from border rivers and streams; the crossing of people, transport and goods; construction projects in the border region; maintenance of border markers; and undocumented migration are outlined in the accords. A further outcome has been the establishment of the Vietnam-China Joint Committee on Land Border, in which eight national representatives from each country will be placed in charge of managing the eight defined sections of the border.

Source: 'Vietnam-China enforce major border accords,' Vietnam News Agency Bulletin, 14 July 2010