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Human Rights Centre

Critical Debates on Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review

From April 2013-April 2014 Professor Fiona de Londras is leading a project, funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme small grants scheme, on ‘critical debates on counter-terrorist judicial review’. The project is co-led by Dr. Fergal Davis of the UNSW Faculty of Law’s Gilbert + Tobin Centre for Public Law.

The project brought together leading scholars from around the world to engage in critical debates on the role of courts in counter-terrorist judicial review. The appropriate role, and institutional capacity, of judicial bodies in counter-terrorism are hotly contested and this project was oriented towards furthering the debates that surround these questions; not towards resolving them.

The project hosted two major events, and was a truly international collaboration. The first event was a major workshop hosted in Durham in June 2013 at which almost all of the participating scholars presented their work; all of the tweets from the day can be found here. In addition, Professor Mark Tushnet and Professor Jules Lobel presented their papers remotely as their travel schedules did not permit them to come to Durham; their presentations are available for public view on YouTube (Tushet Part 1, Tushnet Part 2, Lobel). The second event took place in conjunction with the New South Wales Bar Association and was a CPD seminar in November 2013 at which work by de Londras, Davis and Jessie Blackbourn drawn from the project was presented. This event was attended by a range of leading practitioners in Sydney, state and federal judges from the Australian bench, and Sydney-based scholars.

Through these two events the project engaged not only leading scholars, but also a wide range of practitioners and other relevant stakeholders.

The final output from this project is an edited book, published by Cambridge University Press, entitled Critical Debates on Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review (Davis & de Londras, eds). Four Durham Law School academics contributed to this book—Masterman, Phillipson, Fenwick and de Londras—reflecting the breadth and depth of scholarship on counter-terrorism and public law in Durham. The collection will be published in the summer of 2014 and a non-typeset version of the introduction (Davis & de Londras, "Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review: Beyond Dichotomies") can be downloaded free of charge here.

Media Enquiries

Media enquiries about this project or generally about the themes it touches on (including the role of courts in counter-terrorism) can be directed to Professor Fiona de Londras by email ( or telephone (+44 191 3346856).




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