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Human Rights Centre

Human Rights Centre

Members of the Human Rights Centre are responding to the potential changes to the Human Rights Act.

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The Human Rights Centre was established in 2001 in recognition of the significant strength and depth of human rights scholarship, consultancy and activities in Durham Law School. More than a decade since its establishment, Durham Human Rights Centre remains a nationally-important research institution situated in one of the country’s foremost law schools and one of the world’s leading universities. With more than half of the staff in the Law School engaged in work that has at least some connection to human rights, and a broad range of academics working with the concept and language of rights across the University, the Centre is an important part of the intensive and dynamic research environment within Durham Law School. It is also increasingly expanding to include people from across Durham University whose research and scholarship connects with the law, principles and politics of human rights.

Human rights work undertaken by members of the Centre spans national, regional and international concerns. This work leads not only to the production of world-class publications in the form of monographs, edited collections, and peer-reviewed articles but also research outputs geared towards bringing about public policy change and contributing positively to public debate. Centre members regularly prepare and submit responses to government consultations in the UK and beyond; contribute to newspaper, television and radio debates; engage in dissemination and debate through practitioner and public policy fora (including online); and engage with NGOs and politicians in consultation on legislative and policy change.

In this way, work produced by members of Durham Human Rights Centre continues to help bring about real legal and public policy change in the UK and beyond.


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