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Durham University

Hatfield College

Our students say...

“I've had a fantastic time and couldn't have asked for a better College and College Officers.”

"The college spirit and fantastic attitude of the students provides a wonderful environment in which to live."
"Hatfield has played a huge role in making my last four years brilliant, allowing me to develop as a person, and giving me more memories than I can possibly remember, but all of which I will never forget."
"The sense of community and belonging that being part of such a brilliant college provides, gives me the confidence to better myself by getting 'stuck in!'"
"The feeling of community and spirit at Hatfield is not at every university and I have been very impressed with it. You never feel lonely or left out as people are so welcoming, it is like having a huge extended family and I certainly would not change it for the world!"
"The college officers have been really supportive, especially this year when I have experienced medical, financial and family problems. This is what makes the Hatfield Spirit come alive and makes me proud to be a member of this community."
"Thank you everything that is Hatfield, if I had my time again, I wouldn't change it for the world."
"Both the University and College have been amazing when confronted with difficult personal circumstances and given me an opportunity to have a second chance in life and achieve something good for myself."
"I have loved my time at Durham and especially at Hatfield. It has been brilliant for more reasons than I can mention here. In the few bad times I have had, the College has been extremely supportive."

"I think the collegiate system is highly beneficial to students as it gives them the chance to participate in sport and other activities that they could never hope to do at a university level. Much more intimate system than an anonymous big university, definitely made the transition from school to uni easier too."

"Best college. End of."

The best things about Hatfield...?

"Very caring supportive staff."
"The atmosphere. Lovely setting, communal mealtimes, and people playing around outside, working in reading room...."

"Sense of belonging and a fantastic support network - knowing that there is always someone around to talk to."

"The spirit of the college and the friendly faces. Also the setting and ideal situation, near town, near the cathedral and by the river."
"Fantastic pastoral care - college mentor expanded my ability to think independently. Thank you."
"Formals - 'Spooning' and traditions in general. College atmosphere."
"The support system & feeling of belonging within the community - it's very easy to get to know people from all years as well. College Spirit! The idea of getting involved and supporting each other."
"Excellent support in all areas of student life and good in encouraging students to lead active lives e.g. sport."
"Hatfield has a fantastic spirit and for those that really make the effort it stays with you throughout your time here."
"Great pastoral system with college mentor."
"The college has made me feel very welcome and I would recommend it to any of my friends that are thinking of applying to Durham."

Quotes taken from Student Experience Surveys