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Durham University

Hatfield College

Robin White 1956 Scholarship

Hatfield College is delighted to announce the Robin White 1956 Scholarship which is designed to support an undergraduate student of exceptional potential and genuine financial need.

One scholarship, providing £4,000 per academic year, is available to award to an applicant holding an offer of a place at Durham, who has been allocated to Hatfield College, and who is commencing their studies in October 2021.

Level of Study

Year of Entry
Applicants for the academic year 2021/22

Eligibility criteria:

  • have a household income below £42,875.00 as determined by Student Finance England

£4,000 per academic year

The length of your undergraduate programme for a maximum of 4 years

Number of awards available

Prospective applicants must:

  • Stage 1: have submitted an academic application to Durham University via UCAS for an available programme of study; have been offered a place for entry to Durham University in 2021/22; and have been allocated to Hatfield College.
  • Stage 2: Submit an online application form including a personal statement explaining: Why you have chosen Durham University, any barriers to further education that you currently face and how the Robin White 1956 Scholarship would help you.
  • request a character reference from one of your teachers in support of your scholarship application to be sent by email to by 16 May 2021. Please ensure your referee submits the reference on letter headed paper which contains their name, position, contact details, the name of the scholarship and your full name.

Please provide a copy of your Student Finance England confirmation of funding letter once received to

Applications accepted from
19 April 2021

Application deadline
16 May 2021

When candidates will hear the outcome of their application
31 May 2021

  • Scholarship applications will be considered on the basis of their ability to meet the eligibility criteria, academic potential, the personal statement and reference provided.

  • In addition to the information supplied on the scholarship application form, the University will gather contextual information to support the assessment of scholarship applications.

For further information or advice:


Phone: +44 (0)191 334 2603

Scholarship recipients can expect:

  • Termly payments of your scholarship
  • Renewal of your scholarship on an annual basis (for a maximum of 4 years) subject to your adherence to the Terms and Conditions below.

As a scholarship recipient of Hatfield College, Durham University you must agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions. Failure to abide by the following Terms and Conditions may result in your Scholarship being revoked with immediate effect.

Scholars will be required to:

  • Act as an ambassador for Durham University, Hatfield College and the Robin White 1956 Scholarships in any external interviews, events or publications associated with your scholarship, adhering to University codes of conduct, practice and policy, acting in a professional positive manner.
  • Maintain regular contact with the donor of your scholarship via Hatfield College, typically via the Hatfield Trust Office.
  • Take part in any events or publicity relating to your Scholarship of which you are notified by the College or University, for example, as may be arranged by Hatfield College, the Development and Alumni Relations Office or the Scholarships and Student Funding Office; and
  • Agree to the University and/or the Donor of your scholarship’s use of the information you provide via the annual reports submitted to Hatfield College as described below, for advertising and other promotional purposes.
  • The University reserves the right to suspend or withdraw your scholarship in the event that you breach or fail to adhere to any University regulation, code of practice or policy at any time during the course of your studies.

In order for the Scholarship Panel to consider the renewal of your scholarship you must:

  • Have successfully completed the current level of study and have been allowed to progress to the next level of study.
  • Provide a detailed Annual Report to Hatfield College covering the following three topics:
  1. Your academic achievements: How has your scholarship assisted you in your academic work over the academic year?
  2. Your personal development: How has your scholarship assisted you in your personal development over the academic year?
  3. Your use of the scholarship funding: How have the scholarship funds assisted you during the academic year?

Your first annual report must be received before the end of the academic year (you will be sent a reminder and submission details prior to the end of term).

Scholarship renewal will be decided by Hatfield College. The Panel’s decisions will be final. However applicants may write to the Master, Hatfield College, requesting the reasons for any decision made on their Scholarship. A response to your request will be provided as soon as possible.

If at any point you are unfortunately unable to meet your academic and/or your scholarship commitments your scholarship payments will be handled as below:

Withdrawal or Suspension of Studies and Repeat Years:


Scholars who withdraw from their scholarship commitments or from the University will have all future scholarship payments cancelled.

If you withdraw, at any point during the teaching term, scholarship payments which have already been made will be reclaimed on a pro rata basis. Under exceptional circumstances, this decision can be reviewed by the Master, Hatfield College and approval given for the student to retain any overpayments.


Scholars who suspend their scholarship commitments or academic studies will have all future scholarship payments cancelled.

If you suspend, at any point during the teaching term, scholarship payments which have already been made will be reclaimed on a pro rata basis. Under exceptional circumstances, this decision can be reviewed by the Master, Hatfield College and approval given for the student to retain any overpayments. The remaining yearly balance will be payable on resumption of academic and scholarship commitments. Mitigating circumstances for the re-instatement of the scholarship may be put forward for consideration by the Master, Hatfield College.


Scholars who are required to repeat an academic year would not receive scholarship payments during the repeat year of study. Scholarship payments would recommence once the recipient has progressed to the next level of study and is meeting their scholarship commitments.

Data Protection Statement

Any personal data provided by Recipients in relation to their Scholarship will be used by the University to process and administer your Scholarship award. The data will be held by Hatfield College and will be managed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations.

Information relating to Recipients may be retained by the University for up to 10 years. Recipients acknowledge that names, photographs, annual reports and comments relating to their Scholarship may be published by the University even after the Recipient is no longer enrolled at the University.

In accepting this Scholarship you acknowledge and agree to the information which you provide as described above being held and processed by the University for the purposes specified herein.

Please find further information on the University’s Privacy Notice.