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Durham University

Hatfield College


If I am offered a place by my chosen department do I automatically get a place in Hatfield if it is my first choice college?

All applicants who are selected by a department will receive an offer of a college place but it may not be in your first choice college. All colleges have a quota for each subject proportionate to the size of the college. Some colleges receive more applications than others, particularly in some subjects. If the collegiate system appeals to you and you like Durham, the difference between the colleges is smaller than the difference between Durham and other universities.

What happens if I want to live at home?

Almost all Hatfielders live in for their first year. Thereafter many students choose to live out, at home or in private rented accommodation. Most students live out in their 2nd year and return to live in for their final year. There are some students who choose to live in for the whole of their time in Durham and normally we are able to offer that choice.

If an applicant wants to live at home in their first year, we would advise them to apply to St. Cuthbert's Society which has a tradition of mature students and local students who live at home.

Will I get a single room?

In Hatfield approximately 60% of first years share a room. Rooms and room-mates are allocated and carefully matched by the Senior Tutor using information provided by the students themselves. Sharing a room is always more daunting in prospect than reality. Having a room-mate helps to build collegiality and engenders community spirit. To check on anecdotal evidence, College conducted an extensive questionnaire survey of all first-year students in 2008 to find out whether students enjoyed sharing a room and how it had contributed to their first year at University. There was an overall response rate of 81%. Of those who shared rooms, 89% said that sharing a room had been a positive experience for them, and had significantly contributed to their first year at College. If you would like to read the report on the questionnaire, please click here. Some of our double rooms are ensuite. Single rooms are allocated to certain categories of students e.g. international students on a needs basis. Any student who needs a single room for medical reaons will need to submit supporting medical evidence. Students who live in for their 2/3/4 years choose their own rooms.