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Durham University

Hatfield College

Research Events at Hatfield

Details of research events at Hatfield College will be posted here.

MCR Research Symposium

8th October 2016, 19:00 to 21:00, The Birley Room, Hatfield College

The first Hatfield MCR Research symposium of the academic year is brilliantly varied. There are three speakers, talking about the very different subjects of history, theology and physics.

Julia Raszewska.
Powerful through death? The commemorations and impact of the deaths of Eleanor of Castile and Anne of Bohemia on thirteenth and fourteenth century England

Perhaps the most striking evidence of a mark the deaths of medieval queens left even today is London Charing Cross. The entrance to the station is marked by a magnificent memorial, an Eleanor cross, which although a Victorian, more ornate reconstruction of the original, stands as a modern reminder of Edward I’s first wife. Although such memorials are sometimes passed by unnoticed they stand to show the impact of medieval queens, and Eleanor in particular, on our culture. But were these queens special or should the splendid memorials erected in their memory be credited to their husbands’ own needs and motivations? This talk will aim to answer this question by taking a comparative look at Eleanor of Castile and Anne of Bohemia, to determine the extent of their influence both direct and indirect, in constructing their posthumous image and the impact their deaths had on England. While it should be noted that realistically, the power the queens wielded after their deaths was more or less indirect, they still had a potential to make their mark through their husbands.

Professor Anthony Bash
Some Thoughts on Remorse

What is remorse? How is it different from being sorry? This seminar will be as much a facilitated discussion as a presentation.

Andres Olivares del Campo
Neutrinos, Matter and "Dark Matter"

Neutrinos are tiny fundamental particles that interact very weakly with matter. This means, billions of them pass through us every second and we do not feel anything! You might wonder, why should I care about them, then? In this talk, I will give you 5 reasons to try to convince you that neutrinos are cool. While we are at it, we would explore what matter is made of, what the fundamental forces are and a we will take a glimpse at the nature of the mysterious "Dark Matter".

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