Durham University

Hatfield College

College Mentoring

The Mentoring System at Hatfield


Mentors are asked to develop activities and opportunities that promote the development of their mentees. The College requests that mentors:

  • Be visible in College and among their mentees.
  • Promote mentees’ individual development by devising activities in consultation with the group.
  • Encourage involvement in development opportunities at College and University level, such as sport, volunteering, the arts, the Durham Award, etc.
  • Encourage mentees to experience the full extent of Durham and its north-east surroundings.


The College expects that mentors:

  • Participate in College life.
  • Maintain regular contact with their mentees.
  • Initiate events that promote individual development within the mentor group.
  • Contribute to the Mentors’ Directory so that any student might approach a mentor for advice about an area of interest or expertise.
  • Liaise with the Vice-Master/Senior Tutor and Assistant Senior Tutor.
  • Attend termly get-togethers for mentors.
  • Complete a log of activities with the mentor group at the end of each term.
  • Encourage mentees to complete training on consent, bystander intervention, and safeguarding from radicalisation.

If you have any questions about the mentoring system, please get in touch with Professor Anthony Bash, Senior Tutor (hatfield.seniortutor@durham.ac.uk) or Dr Ellen Crabtree, Assistant Senior Tutor (hatfield.assistantst@durham.ac.uk).