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Hatfield College

Hatfield Trust

The Hatfield Trust was established in 1987. The main aim of the Trust is to build up financial support for the College community which is not available from other sources and it looks for help from alumni, parent members and friends to accomplish this. Already an endowment fund has been built up, the interest from which contributes towards prizes, bursaries and equipment and encourages students in their work, sports and initiatives.

Current students can benefit from Trust funding in a number of ways and many of them do!

In addition to academic prizes which are provided through the Trust, students benefit from the Fiver Fund, from Floreat postgraduate scholarships and Travel Bursaries which help students to pursue their educational, community, charitable and personally challenging activities during the long summer vacation.

In addition, the Trust helps particular groups in their efforts to add to the community life of the College, groups which include the Chapel Choir, various music groups, e.g. Kinky Jeff and the Swingers and also the Hatfield Fashion Show Committee. In addition the Trust works closely with the Assistant Senior Tutor on matters of particular student hardship.

The Hatfield Trust's own website

Click here for updated information about College socities and events; it is the perfect way to stay in touch with the Hatfield community.