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Hatfield College

About Hatfield

How Hatfield works

At Hatfield the Head of College is called the 'Master', otherwise known as a Principal or Head of House. Our Master, Professor Tim Burt, has overall responsibility for all aspects of college management, as well as leading the college community. We also have a Vice-Master and Senior Tutor, Anthony Bash, who is there to oversee your pastoral and welfare care, the admissions process and the College mentoring system. Anthony Bash is also the Chaplain, helping to provide all the support you need. The Bursar, Ms Michelle Crawford, is responsible for ensuring that the college buildings, grounds, facilities and services are all in good order. The position of the Assistant Senior Tutor is held by Dr Ellen Crabtree.

Master's Foreword

“Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Durham University, the collegiate system offers students a unique learning environment, enabling students to achieve academic success and develop their potential.

Hatfield students are an exceptional group of people. Whilst it is true that there are as many ways of being a Hatfielder as there are members of the College, nevertheless, what sets Hatfield students apart is their spirit. Everyone joins in some aspect of college life, whether in sport, music, drama or helping to run one of the many college societies. Most importantly, Hatfield students like to put something back into their college community. There are very many opportunities to get involved and Hatfield is small enough that everyone feels they matter and can make a difference. Most of what happens is organised by the students for the students!

Given its age and location, Hatfield has many traditions, perhaps most notably its formal dinners. But it is also a forward-thinking college: our mentors offer a high level of personal support, encouraging students to make the most of their time at university. This is complemented by the very best professional support from our College staff.

So, whoever you are and whatever your skills, interests and background, here is your chance to help shape a college community and take it forward. You will make life-long friends and gain new skills and experiences in doing so. Hatfield students have an unofficial motto: "Be the best you can be!" Need I say more?”

Professor Tim Burt