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Grey College


Grey college is a community made up of many different poeple connected with academic life. Alongside students, academics are part of College life providing a wealth of knowledge and scholarly friendship. Members of University staff can become members of the SCR - which allows them to attend formals - and can have lunch in College (enquire at Grey College reception). There is also several fellowships available.


Fellowships are mainly intended for academics visiting the University, but the Master is always interested to hear from applicants with other backgrounds. Some of our Fellowships are arranged in conjunction with the University's Institute of Advanced Study.

The College is keen to build up its Fellowships, which assist the University in delivering its Research Agenda. We currently have the following Fellowships:

  • Winifred Jean Stubbs (Oriental Studies and Theology);
  • Sydney Holgate (Any discipline);
  • Alan Richards Mathematics Fellowships;

Fellows take a full part in College life for the period of their residence. This normally includes meals at High Table, and use of the Senior Common Room.

At the end of their stay, a Fellow usually gives a public lecture/presentation to Members of the College. They are also expected to write a brief report on their visit, outlining the work that has been accomplished during their period at Durham. You can find full details about Fellowships in the terms and conditions of Fellowships.