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Durham University

Grey College

The Common Rooms

Grey College is formed from three bodies of members, the Junior, Middle and Senior Common Rooms. Each Common Room is an organisation providing support, events and community for a specific group of College members. They are all different in flavour and allow for as much or as little engagement as you wish. Members of the College do not have to join a Common room, but there are many benefits to doing so and it is worth discussing it with Common Room members befor you decide not to, particularly if cost is the issue.

The Junior Common Room (JCR)

The Undergraduate Common Room is self-governing, student-run charity. It is the largest common room, comprising around 900 students. The JCR helps organise the Induction Week for new students, runs many sports and societites, provides arts provision and organises many of the events in College. The yearly calendar culminates in Grey Day, where all college members come to Grey for for a day of music and relaxation, and Phoenix Ball, where coaches take students off site for formal meal, music and entertainments, then bring them back for a silent disco on Grey lawn.

The room itself is situated beneath the dining hall and is used as a relaxed social space as well as a venue for events.

The Middle Common Room (MCR)

The MCR is for Grey's Postgraduate community. Our Postgraduate body is culturally diverse, warm and welcoming; the MCR is set out like a family living room, providing a relaxed atmosphere for spending the evenings. The MCR runs within the JCR, so alongside Postgraduate-specific social and academic events, you can take part in all JCR sports and societies and attend all JCR events (outside of Induction Weed). The Middle Common Room is situated in the Elvet block and is also known as the Phoenix room; it has consoles, a projector and, for the more daring among you, a marble run.

The Senior Common Room (SCR)

The SCR comprises University staff, College friends, members of the local community as well as alumni and has about 300 members. The body organises social, spiritual and artistic events, supporting the student population whilst providing an intellectual community for visiting fellows. The room itself is a large and welcoming space filled with artwork and comfortable chairs, found to the left as you enter the main building.