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Durham University

Grey College

Grey is a relaxed college with a fantastic community. The students organise sports, societies and social events while our wonderful staff members run the accommodation, academic support and catering. Realistically speaking, all Durham Colleges are good and you will likely have a great time wherever you go, but here are three main areas in which Grey prides itself:

  • Creativity – we have our own theatre, a wide array of JCR-owned musical instruments and a thriving Arts' Commitee. You can create posters as part of the media commitee, build displays for College events or join the Photography society, the book club or the Disney society to name just a few. There is also a huge amount of art displayed around College including spectacular displays of the work of both Fay Pomerance and Grey Fellow Thetis Blacker.
  • Community – Grey is a place where anyone can come and be part of something. Whatever your interests, you will be a valued member of the College, supported in who you are, supporting those around you in turn. We want you to feel at home here.
  • Opportunity – Grey has an astonishing array of opportunities. Whether that be events, sports, societies and the arts from the JCR or student support and career skills from the College or the lectures and seminars from the University. Our focus is on providing these opportunities to all, regardless of wealth, race, age, gender, sexuality, faith or anything else. And, you get to wear a gown at formal meals because hey, why wouldn't you?