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Durham University

Grey College

Fees and Finance

Entrance door for the Junior Common Room with banner saying

Colleges provide both food and accomodation in a variety of combinations for undergraduates and postgraduates.

There is no membership fee for Grey College; the above costs are purely for accomodation. There are however four other optional charges, which students can opt into:

JCR charge (inc. £165): This covers the cost of joining Grey's student body, the Junior Common Room, for three years; students who stay on for a fourth year (as part of an integrated Masters program e.g. MSci, MEng, MPhys etc.) may face a further charge for their additional year at Grey COllege. On behalf and in partnership with the College, the JCR organises most of the student life, including our sports teams, societies, arts and music facilities, committees, social events and additional formal meals. As a member of the JCR, you would have the following rights and benefits:

  • voting rights at Common Room meetings and elections (non-members cannot vote);
  • eligibility to run for Common Room positions (both Executive and Non-Executive positions) (non-members cannot nominate others or be nominated for Common Room positions);
  • access to the Members’ subscription rates for sports clubs and societies (non-members pay a premium);
  • priority access to tickets for events organized by the Common Room (non-members cannot access early-bird deals and may be required to pay a premium on the members’ price);
  • pay members’ prices for other events, e.g. Balls, City Trips and Nights Out (non-members pay a premium);
  • access student discounts organised by the Common Room (non-members cannot access such discounts).

For a better idea of what the JCR is like, check out their website.

Induction week (£36 inc. VAT): This consists of social events, including trips, talks and society fairs to help you get to know other students and Durham during your first week at the College.

Association fee (£51):This covers lifetime membership of the Alumni Association of Grey College; student members are therefore warmly invited to consider becoming an ‘associate’ member of the Grey College Association, during their studies. To become an associate member, a single payment of £51 is requested at the start of your studies. Upon graduation ‘associate’ membership automatically transfer to full membership without further payment. The Association may also be joined upon, or at any time after, your graduation.

The Association helps the College to reinforce and support its work with the wider College family of past students. In previous years, undergraduates have also benefitted through the work of the Association as follows:

  • access to reduced price (sponsored) formal meals every academic year;
  • the opportunity to apply for Travel Bursaries and grants, awarded by the Association annually;
  • access to the very successful ‘Careers Angels’ Scheme.

Furthermore the Association helps the College to organise events for its Members after their graduation from Durham.

Gown fee (£53): Gowns are compulsory when attending the matriculation ceremony and at formal meals. A new gown costs £53 but we may also have a limited number of second hand (laundered) gowns, priced at £25.

Grey College aims to allow all students to participate fully in College life regardless of their financial situation.