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Grey College Trust

Grey College Trust holds a fund that has been set up through legacies and other donations from Alumni and friends of the College. The Trustees meet once or twice per annum, and the Master of Grey College acts as Chair of the Trust. At present, Durham University acts as the Custodian Trustee of the fund.

Grey College Trust exists to support both Clubs/Societies and individuals. For Clubs and Societies, the Trust can provide assistance towards developments which cannot otherwise be funded from Government or University sources. For individuals, support may be towards: helping a current member (Undergraduate or Postgraduate) undertake an expedition, activity or visit of a generally educational or cultural nature; or it may be to provide Hardship assistance with their residence and tuition costs at Durham, provided that they are not eligible for centrally provided (State) funding. It must be stressed that, for an individual application, the applicant must be the beneficiary: the Trust cannot consider requests from students taking part in sponsored charitable events.

It is important for applicants to realise that the Trust will not, in most cases, be able to provide all of the funds that they require for a particular initiative, and that careful judgements have to be made by the Trust before payment can be authorised. The Trust reserves the right not to disclose the criteria it uses to make such judgements. Applicants, especially Club/Society applicants, are urged to discuss their cases for support informally with the Master before submission. It is also important to stress that the Trust does not primarily support students in activities that are required as an essential part of a degree programme (e.g. field trips.)

The attached forms should be used by applicants to the Trust. Please ensure you use the correct form! There are NO deadlines for the receipt of applications relating to individuals requesting Hardship assistance; but other requests to the Trust have deadlines of May 31st and December 31st. All correspondence is regarded as confidential. After receipt of funding, recipients should produce a short report on how the funds have been used (this does not apply to Hardship requests).


The objectives of the Grey College Trust are:

  1. The improvement of the site of the College and its buildings, grounds, fixed and other assets.
  2. The provision (or where appropriate, the replacement or repair) of plant, equipment, furniture and other chattels on the provision of amenities or services for the benefit of the College and its Members.
  3. The assistance of any Club or Society, the membership of which is at the time substantially confined to the Membership of the College.
  4. The furtherance of any general charitable or educational object for the benefit of the College and its Members e.g. the provision of bursaries, scholarships, fellowships, lectureships to aid undergraduates and to provide additional research opportunities and teaching for the University.

An application form can be found within the Downloands and links part of Current students.