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Durham University

Gender and Law at Durham

Inherently Human and GLAD Zine

Inherently Human: the GLAD Blog

The GLAD Blog - Inherently Human - is an online forum dedicated to critical engagements with the politics of gender, sexuality and legal studies, run by Laura Graham (Durham University), Erika Rackley (Birmingham University), Nikki Godden (Newcastle University), and Neil Cobb (Manchester University). The blog draws on work of staff, external contributors and students in these law schools. Students in Durham Law School meet fortnightly with Laura Graham to discuss news relating to law, gender and sexuality, and draw together ideas for the fortnightly news round up, Inherently Brief. In the academic year 2014-2015, GLAD has a dedicated group of around 10 students regularly attending and contributing to the blog.

Feminist and LGBT legal theorising and activism remains a minority concern within the academy and beyond. While other blogs related to this field of inquiry exist, we believe there is still far too little dialogue and debate in this area which has animated, frustrated and empowered those who recognise that power lies in gender and sexual identities.

Feel free to explore the site, and please participate where you can, either by responding to the views of others or submitting your own posts - our team of blog editors are always looking for new contributions, and we want this space to be a broad church for all those who care about the inequalities created by patriarchy and heteronormativity.

We look forward to receiving your comments, criticism and contributions as we play our little part in addressing the injustices of law, in the blogosphere!


Different from a Doormat: The GLAD Zine

Different from a Doormat is a new initiative between GLAD staff and students. It is a self-published zine whose first issue came out in Epiphany term 2014. The first issue can be found here. Different from a Doormat brings together articles, poetry, art, music, reviews and other media to express views and thoughts on pressing issues relating to law, gender, and sexuality. While meetings are organized fortnightly with Laura Graham, this is very much a student-driven project, with students producing all the content, editing the zine, and designing the output.