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Department of Earth Sciences

The Arthur Holmes Geological Society

The AHGS is run by students, for students. We are here to help and have many resources at your disposal:

  • Exclusive discounts on kit, including hand lenses, field notebooks and Geological Hammers– all the important stuff!
  • Knowledge and know– how: many of the exec/ members are in their 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th year, so know the department quite well– ask if you need any information on modules etc.!
  • Field Trips– we are planning field trip for the coming year– email us your ideas!
  • Contacts– we organize guest lecturers and also careers seminars
  • Most importantly– socials! We have all kinds– Bar crawls, evening meals and a winter ball which is a big and popular event– a great way to meet your fellow Geologists over a pint or five.


Locally born Arthur Holmes was the first the first professor of Geology in Durham. He was nicknamed ‘the father of modern Geochronology’ after he performed the first uranium-lead dating of a rock whilst still an undergraduate! He later published the world renowned book ‘The Age of the Earth’ in 1913 in which he estimated the Earth's age to be 1600 Ma. We Durham students have a lot to live up to…but hey, even genius’ make mistakes!

FRESHERS: Get involved! Every year we need at least one or two first year reps to help sell the society to your fellow students. It is a great way to get involved with the society without having that much work to do! So if you are interested just email the president or keep your senses alert in Freshers Week for more information.


The Geological Society Logo

The Geological Society Logo

ALSO: The AHGS is the first UK Student Society to achieve official recognition from the Geological Society of London, the main professional body that represents academic and professional geoscientists in the UK.
….YES, that means we are proudly sponsored by the Geological Society of London.

For more information, join our Facebook group (its called ‘Durham University Geology (All Years)’) or visit our website.

Alternatively, email one of our Presidents: Jamie Schofield ( or vice president Anna Kenton ( for more information or ideas for what you want to see in the society!