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Department of Earth Sciences

Research Staff

Dr Charlotte Adams Assistant Professor (Research), Director of CeREES Open Plan Area (2nd Floor)
Dr. Ian Boothroyd Research Assistant Open Plan Area
Dr Antonio Capponi Postdoctoral Research Associate 42356 ES235
Dr Matthieu Cartigny Independent Research Fellow 41855 501
Dr Gabriella Castiello PDRA 42357 ES309
Dr George Cooper Postdoctoral Research Associate 42356 Rm 235
Dr Jason Coumans Postdoctoral Researcher Contact Jason Coumans
Dr Katherine Dobson NERC Independent Research Fellow 44603 rm 321
Dr Valentina Erastova Postdoctoral Research Assistant 41712 Rm 1.11 Christopherson Building
Dr Philip Heron Marie Skłodowska Curie Research Fellow 42357 ES309
Dr Madeleine Humphreys Royal Society Research Fellow 42343 Rm 318
Dr Alexander Iveson Postdoctoral Research Associate 42356 ES235
Dr Theresa Jezierski GED Research Fellow Level 2, East Wing Annex, Open Plan Area Contact Theresa Jezierski
Dr Paula Martin Science Outreach Coordinator 42338
Dr. Nuno Mendes Simão Postdoctoral Research Associate 42357 ES309
Dr Geoff Nowell Senior Research Officer 42339 Rm 138
Dr Chris Ottley Senior Research Officer 42325 Rm 137
Dr Thomas Phillips Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 42356 ES235
Miss Victoria Pinner KTP Assistant
Dr Adam Robinson Research Project Manager 42357 ES309
Dr Juan Rodriguez-gonzalez Postdoctoral Research Associate 42357 ES309
Dr Christian Schiffer Visiting Researcher (Externally funded) Contact Christian Schiffer
Mr David Stevenson Senior Experimental Officer 42296 Computer Room
Dr Stephan Stricker Postdoctoral Research Assistant 42357 309 Contact Stephan Stricker
Mr Gary Wilkinson Petroleum Geology Experimental Officer 42297 Rm 339