Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Research Staff

Dr Charlotte Adams Assistant Professor (Research), Director of CeREES 42280 ES323 c.a.adams@durham.ac.uk
Dr. Ian Boothroyd Research Assistant Open Plan Area i.m.boothroyd@durham.ac.uk
Dr Antonio Capponi Postdoctoral Research Associate 42356 ES235 antonio.capponi@durham.ac.uk
Dr Matthieu Cartigny Independent Research Fellow 41855 501 matthieu.j.cartigny@durham.ac.uk
Dr George Cooper Postdoctoral Research Associate 42356 Rm 235 george.cooper@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jason Coumans Postdoctoral Researcher jason.coumans@durham.ac.uk
Dr Katherine Dobson NERC Independent Research Fellow 44603 rm 321 katherine.dobson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Valentina Erastova Postdoctoral Research Assistant 41712 Rm 1.11 Christopherson Building valentina.erastova@durham.ac.uk
Dr Matthew Funnell Post Docotoral Research Associate 42357 ES309 matthew.funnell2@durham.ac.uk
Dr Philip Heron Marie Skłodowska Curie Research Fellow 42357 ES309 philip.j.heron@durham.ac.uk
Dr Madeleine Humphreys Royal Society Research Fellow 42343 Rm 318 madeleine.humphreys@durham.ac.uk
Dr Alexander Iveson Postdoctoral Research Associate 42356 ES235 alexander.a.iveson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Charitra Jain Postdoctoral Research Associate 42357 Rm 309 charitra.jain@durham.ac.uk
Dr Theresa Jezierski GED Research Fellow Level 2, East Wing Annex, Open Plan Area t.m.jezierski@durham.ac.uk
Dr Geoff Nowell Senior Research Officer 42339 Rm 138 g.m.nowell@durham.ac.uk
Dr Chris Ottley Senior Research Officer 42325 Rm 137 c.j.ottley@durham.ac.uk
Dr Rachel Oughton Postdoctoral Research Associate 42357 Rm 309 r.h.oughton@durham.ac.uk
Dr Thomas Phillips Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 42356 ES235 thomas.b.phillips@durham.ac.uk
Miss Victoria Pinner KTP Assistant victoria.pinner@durham.ac.uk
Dr Adam Robinson Research Project Manager 42357 ES309 a.h.robinson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Juan Rodriguez-gonzalez Postdoctoral Research Associate 42357 ES309 juan.rodriguez-gonzalez@durham.ac.uk
Mr David Stevenson Senior Experimental Officer 42296 Computer Room dave.stevenson@durham.ac.uk
Mr Gary Wilkinson Petroleum Geology Experimental Officer 42297 Rm 339 gary.wilkinson@durham.ac.uk