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Department of Earth Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Richard James Brown

Personal web page

Associate Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42303
Room number: Rm 337

Contact Dr Richard James Brown (email at


2015-present — Senior Lecturer, Durham University
2011–2015 — Lecturer and Coordinator of the Volcanic Margins Research Consortium, Durham University
2008–2011 — Research Fellow, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The Open University
2004–2008 — Research Associate, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
2002–2004 — Research Fellow, Vesuvius Volcano Observatory, Naples
2002—PhD, University of Leicester


Volcanic Margins Research Consortium

Career Research Interests

Volcanology in general, pyroclastic sedimentology, and the mass movement of debris across the Earth's surface following geo-catastrophes. Primarily use field studies of deposits to derive information about emplacement processes. Application of volcanology to the petroleum and mining industries. Specifically interested in:

  • impact of volcanic and igneous rocks on hydrocarbon systems (Volcanic Margins Research Consortium).
  • the transport and deposition of tephra by pyroclastic density currents;
  • basaltic volcanism, effusive and explosive;
  • volcanic edifice growth and evolution, encompassing all scales from monogenetic cones, to calderas, ocean island volcanoes and large igneous provinces;
  • aggregation mechanisms in atmospheric dust clouds applied to volcanic eruptions and meteorite impacts;
  • kimberlite volcanism and conduit processes;
  • dispersal of ejecta following large meteorite impacts.

I currently have ongoing research projects in El Salvador (AD563 Tierra Blanca Joven eruption of Ilopango); Campi Flegrei and Ischia, Italy; Tenerife; Iceland, UK Lake District.

Google Scholar site

Committee and Society Service

Associate Editor, Bulletin of Volcanology
Secretary, Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group
Leader of Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group 40th Anniversary fieldtrip to Tenerife, 2006
Media interest in our 2011 Journal of Geology paper revealing how meteorite ejecta blankets are emplaced.

Conferences and Workshops

2013  — Convener “Observation, theory and experiments on volcanogenic mass flows” IAVCEI General Assembly, Kagoshima, Japan,2013.
2012  — Co-organiser Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group AGM, Durham, UK,2012.
2010  — Convener “What can pyroclasts tell us?” AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2010.
2007  — Leader of IAVCEI Commission on Explosive Volcanism field workshop: Pyroclastic Density Currents and Topography, Tenerife, 2007.
2006  — Leader of Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group 40th Anniversary fieldtrip to Tenerife, 2006.


2013 — IAVCEI General Assembly
2012 — VMSG Annual Meeting, Durham
2011 — IUGG, Melbourne
2011 — 5th VVSG Goias, Brazil

Membership of Organisations and Societies

Member, IAVCEI

Recent and Current Grants

2012  — £27 000 NIGFSC, “Priming a magma chamber for catastrophic eruption timescales of magma supply beneath the caldera volcano of Ischia, Italy” PI- RJ Brown and others
2011  — £111 000 Hess Limited, “Characterising the architecture and petrophysical properties of basaltic rocks from fissure eruptions”, studentship, PI
2010  — £15 000 National Geographic Committee on Research and Exploration Grant (No. 8562-08), “Large eruptions through large lakes”, PI; Co-I — Prof. Bruce Houghton (Hawaii), Dr. James Vallance (USGS)
2009  — £4 000 Royal Society International Travel Grant, PI, Co-I — S Manya
2009  — £2 500 NERC GEF Loan of GPS Equipment (No. 894), RSJ Sparks (Bristol), RJ Brown
2008  — £17 000 National Geographic Committee on Research and Exploration Grant (No. 8562-08), “Understanding how kimberlite magmas behave at the Earth’s surface”, PI - RJ Brown; Co-Is — S Manya (Dar es Salaam), RSJ Sparks, M Field, C Storey (Bristol)
2007  — £38 700 co-supervisor of NERC-CASE Studentship at Oxford University
1997  — Awarded NERC studentship (N4/97/144), Leicester

Indicators of Esteem

  • Invited talks:

    North East Geological Society, 2013; University of British Columbia, Canada, 2011, Edinburgh Geological Society, 2011; University of Glasgow, 2011; LMU Munich, 2010; Museum fur Naturkunde, Humboldt University, Berlin, 2010; Earth Observatory Singapore, 2010; Open University, UK, 2007; NSF Workshop, Prescott, AZ, 2007; University of Leicester, UK, 2004

  • Scientific Community Roles: Secretary IAVCEI Commission on Volcanogenic Sedimentation

Research Groups

Department of Earth Sciences

Teaching Areas

  • Earth Materials (20 hours/year.)
  • Field Seminar (75 hours/year.)
  • Geoinformatics (15 hours/year.)
  • Magmatism (Tenerife) (38 hours/year.)



Chapter in book

  • Durant, AJ & Brown, RJ (2016). Ash Aggregation in Volcanic Clouds. In Volcanic Ash. Mackie, S, Cashman, K,, Ricketts, H, Rust, A & Watson, M Elsevier. 53-66.
  • Brown. RJ & Andrews, GDM (2015). Deposits of Pyroclastic Density Currents. In Encyclopedia of Volcanoes. Elsevier.
  • Brown, RJ (2008). The Formation of Diamonds. In The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Natural World. Benton, MJ Thames-Hudson.
  • Brown, RJ (2008). Which was the Largest Ever Volcanic Eruption? In The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Natural World. Benton, MJ Thames-Hudson.
  • Brown, RJ & Calder, ES (2005). Pyroclastics (including Tuffs, Ignimbrites and Ash). In Encyclopedia of Geology. Selley, RC, Cocks, LRM & Plimer, IR Elsevier. 4: 386-397.

Journal Article

  • Mark, N.J., Schofield, N., Pugliese, S., Watson, D., Holford, S., Muirhead, D., Brown, R. & Healy, D. (2018). Igneous intrusions in the Faroe Shetland basin and their implications for hydrocarbon exploration; new insights from well and seismic data. Marine and Petroleum Geology 92: 733-753.
  • Reynolds, P., Schofield, N., Brown, R.J. & Holford, S.P. (2018). The architecture of submarine monogenetic volcanoes – insights from 3D seismic data. Basin Research 30(S1): 437-451.
  • Grove, Clayton, Jerram, Dougal A., Gluyas, Jon G. & Brown, Richard J. (2017). Sandstone Diagenesis in Sediment–lava Sequences: Exceptional Examples of Volcanically Driven Diagenetic Compartmentalization in Dune Valley, Huab Outliers, Nw Namibia. Journal of Sedimentary Research 87(12): 1314-1335.
  • Scarlato, P., Mollo, S., Del Bello, E., von Quadt, A., Brown, R.J., Gutierrez, E., Martinez-Hackert, B. & Papale, P. (2017). The 2013 eruption of Chaparrastique volcano (El Salvador): Effects of magma storage, mixing, and decompression. Chemical Geology 448: 110-122.
  • Chamberlain, K.J., Barclay, J., Preece, K., Brown, R.J., Davidson, J.P. & EIMF (2016). Origin and evolution of silicic magmas at ocean islands: Perspectives from a zoned fall deposit on Ascension Island, South Atlantic. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 327: 349-360.
  • Karaoğlu, O. & Brown, R.J. (2016). Reconstructing the evolution of an eroded Miocene caldera volcano (Yamanlar volcano, İzmir, Turkey). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 318: 1-18.
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  • Brown, R.J., Thordarson, T., Self, S. & Blake, S. (2015). Disruption of Tephra Fall Deposits Caused by Lava Flows during Basaltic Eruptions. Bulletin of Volcanology 77(10): 90.
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