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Department of Earth Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr James Baldini

Associate Professor (Reader) in the Department of Earth Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42334
Room number: Rm 315
Department Rep (Earth Sciences) in the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Contact Dr James Baldini (email at


2009 – present  — Director of the Sir Kingsley Dunham Palaeoclimate Laboratory , University of Durham

Sir Kingsley Dunham Palaeoclimate Laboratory Banner

2015 – Present — Associate Professor (Reader), University of Durham, UK

2010 – 2015 — Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer), University of Durham, UK

2006 – 2010 — Assistant Professor (Lecturer), University of Durham, UK

2004 – 2006  — Postdoctoral Research Fellow , University College Dublin, Ireland

2002 – 2003  — Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Bristol, UK

2000  2004  — PhD., University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Career Research Highlights

My research applies and develops high-resolution techniques to investigate a variety of scientific problems, and also utilises environmental monitoring and modelling to better understand the processes leading to climate proxy emplacement. A primary research interest is developing and understanding climate records created using stalagmites. I am currently the PI on the large ERC-funded HURRICANE Project, which aims to reconstruct tropical storm landfalls around the Caribbean region using stalagmites. Several current collaborations also involve archaeology, and a recent research highlight was working with a large multidisciplinary group to link cultural shifts that occurred during the Classic Maya Collapse to Central American climate variability. I am also involved in research reconstructing the North Atlantic Oscillation using stalagmites from Poland and Germany, modelling karst hydrology and the emplacement of climate signals into stalagmites, and establishing how oxygen isotopes in rainfall are affected by variability in major modes of atmospheric circulation. Related to my work with cave deposits, I have worked extensively on carbon dioxide in cave atmospheres and its effect on stalagmite climate proxies, and plan to continue this research into the future.

Invited Talks

2014 — Steinmann Institute, University of Bonn, Germany.

2014  — University of Northumbria, UK.

2013  — Durham/Newcastle Postgraduate Conference Keynote

2012  — Josephine Butler College, Durham University, UK.

2012  — Department of Geography, Durham University, UK.

2010  — RWTH Aachen, Germany.

2010  — The Open University, UK.

2010  — University of Liverpool, UK.

2008  — Natural History Society of Northumbria, UK.

2007  — Arthur Holmes Geological Society, Durham University, UK.

2004  — Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

2004  — University College Dublin, Ireland

Recent and Current Grants

2016 Long-Term Human-Environmental Interaction In a Lowland Tropic Setting. NSF Collaborative Grant (Co-I; $156,157).

2015 CoChange: Coastal societies in a changing world: A diachronic and comparative approach to the Prehistory of SW Europe from the late Palaeolithic to the Neolithic. Spanish Government grant (Co-I; 220,000 euro)

2014  SCENT: Controls on Soil Carbon Export revealed by Novel Tracers on multiple timescales. NERC grant (Co-I; £442,072)

2009  — HURRICANE: Past hurricane activity reconstructed using cave deposits. ERC Starting Grant (PI; 1.4 million euro)

2009  — ONE Northeast MSc studentships (PI; £32,000)

2008  — NERC U-series facility grant (Co-I; £13,000)

2008  — Co-host to Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow (£150,000)

2006  — Awarded a European Synchrotron Facility grant to analyse the trace elemental geochemistry of stalagmites at an extremely high spatial resolution (£50,000)

2002 — Marie Curie Fellowship, Bristol University (£75,000)

Research Groups

Department of Earth Sciences

Research Projects

Department of Earth Sciences



Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Baldini, James U.L. , Brown, Richard J. & Mawdsley, Natasha (2018). Evaluating the link between the sulphur-rich Laacher See volcanic eruption and the Younger Dryas climate anomaly. Climate of the Past 14(7): 969-990.
  • Baldini, James U.L., Bertram, Rachel A. & Ridley, Harriet E. (2018). Ground air: A first approximation of the Earth's second largest reservoir of carbon dioxide gas. Science of the Total Environment 616-617: 1007-1013.
  • Wynn, Peter M., Fairchild, Ian.J., Borsato, Andrea, Spötl, Christoph, Hartland, Adam, Baker, Andy, Frisia, Silvia & Baldini, James (2018). Sulphate partitioning into calcite: Experimental verification of pH control and application to seasonality in speleothems. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 226: 69-83.
  • Smirnov, D. A. Breitenbach, S. F. M. Feulner, G., Lechleitner, F.A., Prufer, K.M., Baldini, J.U.L., Marwan, N. & Kurths, J. (2017). A regime shift in the Sun-Climate connection with the end of the Medieval Climate Anomaly. Scientific Reports 7: 11131.
  • Lechleitner, F.A., Dittmar, T., Baldini, J.U.L., Prufer, K.M.P. & Eglinton, T.I. (2017). Molecular signatures of dissolved organic matter in a tropical karst system. Organic Geochemistry 113: 141-149.
  • Lechleitner, Franziska A., Breitenbach, Sebastian F. M., Rehfeld, Kira, Ridley, Harriet E., Asmerom, Yemane, Prufer, Keith M., Marwan, Norbert, Goswami, Bedartha, Kennett, Douglas J., Aquino, Valorie V., Polyak, Victor, Haug, Gerald H., Eglinton, Timothy I. & Baldini, James U. L (2017). Tropical rainfall over the last two millennia: evidence for a low-latitude hydrologic seesaw. Scientific Reports 7: 45809.
  • Lechleitner, F.A., Fohlmeister, J., McIntyre, C., Baldini, L.M., Jamieson, R.A., Hercman, H., Gąsiorowski, M., Pawlak, J., Stefaniak, K., Socha, P., Eglinton, T.I. & Baldini, J.U.L. (2016). A novel approach for construction of radiocarbon-based chronologies for speleothems. Quaternary Geochronology 35: 54-66.
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  • Lechleitner, F.A., Baldini, J.U.L., Breitenbach, S.F.M., Fohlmeister, J., McIntyre, C., Goswani, B., Jamieson, R.A., van der Voort, T.S., Prufer, K., Marwan, N., Culleton, B.J., Kennett, D.J., Asmerom, Y., Polyak, V. & Eglinton, T.I. (2016). Hydrological and climatological controls on radiocarbon concentrations in a tropical stalagmite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 194: 233-252.
  • Jamieson, R.A., Baldini, J.U.L., Brett, M.J., Taylor, J., Ridley, H.E., Ottley, C.J., Prufer, K.M., Wassenburg, J.A., Scholz, D. & Breitenbach, S.F.M. (2016). Intra- and inter-annual uranium concentration variability in a Belizean stalagmite controlled by prior aragonite precipitation: A new tool for reconstructing hydro-climate using aragonitic speleothems. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 190: 332-346.
  • Baldini L.M., Baldini J.U.L., McElwaine J., Frappier A.B., Asmerom Y., Liu K.B., Prufer K., Ridley H.E., Polyak V., Kennett D.J., Macpherson C.G., Aquino V.V., Awe J. & Breitenbach, S.F.M. (2016). Persistent northward North Atlantic tropical cyclone track migration over the past five centuries. Scientific Reports 6: 37522.
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