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Prof Colin Macpherson - all publications

Chapter in book

  • Macpherson, C.G, Forde, E.J, Hall, R & Thirlwall, M.F (2003). Geochemical evolution of magmatism in an arc - arc collision: the Halmahera and Sangihe arcs, eastern Indonesia. In Intraoceanic subduction systems. Larter, R. & Leat, P (eds) London: Geological Society of London Special Publication. 219: 207-220.
  • Macpherson, C.G & Hall, R (2002). Timing and tectonic controls in the evolving orogen of SE Asia and the western Pacific and some implications for ore generation. In The timing and location of major ore deposits in an evolving orogen. Blundell, D.J., Neubauer, F. & von Quadt, A. (eds) London: Geological Society of London Special Publication. 206: 49-67.

Journal Article

  • Breitfeld, H. Tim, Macpherson, Colin, Hall, Robert, Thirlwall, Matthew, Ottley, Chris J. & Hennig-Breitfeld, Juliane (2019). Adakites without a slab: Remelting of hydrous basalt in the crust and shallow mantle of Borneo to produce the Miocene Sintang Suite and Bau Suite magmatism of West Sarawak. Lithos 344-345: 100-121.
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  • Ekici, T. & MacPherson, C. (2019). Convergence-aligned, foreland magmatism in the Arabia? Anatolia Collision: Geochronological evidence from the Karacadağ Volcanic Complex, southeast Turkey. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences 28: 719-733.
  • White, Lloyd T., Rawlinson, Nicholas, Lister, Gordon S., Waldhauser, Felix, Hejrani, Babak, Thompson, David A., Tanner, Dominique, Macpherson, Colin G., Tkalčić, Hrvoje & Morgan, Jason P. (2019). Earth's deepest earthquake swarms track fluid ascent beneath nascent arc volcanoes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 521: 25-36.
  • Cooper, George F., Blundy, Jon D., Macpherson, Colin G., Humphreys, Madeleine C. S. & Davidson, Jon P. (2019). Evidence from plutonic xenoliths for magma differentiation, mixing and storage in a volatile-rich crystal mush beneath St. Eustatius, Lesser Antilles. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 174(5): 39.
  • Burton-Johnson, A, Macpherson, C G, Ottley, C J, Nowell, G M & Boyce, A J (2019). Generation of the Mt Kinabalu Granite by Crustal Contamination of Intraplate Magma Modelled by Equilibrated Major Element Assimilation with Fractional Crystallization (EME-AFC). Journal of Petrology 60(7): 1461-1487.
  • Burton-Johnson, A., Macpherson, C.G., Muraszko, J.R., Harrison, R.J. & Jordan, T.A. (2019). Tectonic strain recorded by magnetic fabrics (AMS) in plutons, including Mt Kinabalu, Borneo: A tool to explore past tectonic regimes and syn-magmatic deformation. Journal of Structural Geology 119: 50-60.
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  • Ekici, T., Macpherson, C.G., Otlu, N. & Fontignie, D. (2014). Foreland Magmatism during the Arabia–Eurasia Collision: Pliocene–Quaternary Activity of the Karacadağ Volcanic Complex, SW Turkey. Journal of Petrology 55(9): 1753-1777.
  • Handley, H.R., Blichert-Toft, J., Gertisser, R., Macpherson, C.G., Turner, S., Zaennudin, A. & Abdurrachman, M. (2014). Insights from Pb and O isotopes into along-arc variations in subduction inputs and crustal assimilation for volcanic rocks in Java, Sunda arc, Indonesia. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 139: 205-226.
  • Cullena, A., Macpherson, C., Taib, N.I., Burton-Johnson, A., Dennis Geist, D., Spell, T. & Banda, R.M. (2013). Age and petrology of the Usun Apau and Linau Balui volcanics: Windows to central Borneo’s interior. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 76: 372-388.
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